The middle of December. The time of year when no games get released. Except, apparently, this year, when 14 games are being released on the PSN. Granted, maybe not a group of AAA titles, but definitely some that I am interested to learn more about and a few that are on a very short list to be picked up day one. What are those titles? Let’s take a look…

Feist – PS4

This game reminds me of if you smashed up Limbo and Badland to make a game. A cool aesthetic, interesting sound design, environmental platforming, and unique combat combine to make a game clearly inspired by others, but trying to make a name for itself. The game is apparently tough (from various things I have read) and while I liked Limbo, one downfall for me was it felt pretty easy. If Feist has tougher platforming and more ways to interact with the world and I am interested in checking it out!

I Expect You To Die – PSVR

I enjoy spy movies. I especially enjoy the parts where the spy finds themselves in a dire situation with seemingly no way to get out of it. Throw in some wit, ingenuity, and grit, and before you know it the spy has wriggled themselves out of the seemingly impossible circumstance. That is what I Expect You To Die is trying to deliver. The game consists of multiple scenarios, and in each scenario are various paths to success, and multiple ways to get yourself killed. Make a misstep and you get to restart the scenario with you new found knowledge of what not to do. I am always looking for new, interesting VR games, and I Expect You to Die is one I am keeping a close eye on.

Stardew Valley – PS4

The game with a dedicated following on PC is finally making its way to console, and I am really tempted to jump in, but just how much time I can dedicate to Stardew Valley is the only thing giving me pause. When I tweeted about it a friend replied “Stardew is life. Just let it happen.” So maybe I will have to take that advice. I am looking forward to tending crops, exploring mines, getting involved in the town, getting married, hopefully not getting divorced, and maybe, just maybe, figuring out if stardew is actually a thing or not!

That is it for me this week. Three pretty different games as we hit the homestretch of the year. Was there a gem being released that I missed out on? Are you excited about Stardew Valley? What are you currently playing? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!