It’s another glorious month here on the Island. The sun is shining the birds are singing, a catastrophe has beset space station, there’s a rude bear running around, and a seed needs our help! Whelp lets start the summer off with a bang. Without further adieu PlayStation faithful lets dive in!


“In Space can anyone hear you scream?”

I’ve always loved that saying, and if it isn’t fitting for Prey I don’t know what is. Prey puts you in the shoes of Morgan Yu, the subject of an experiment gone seemingly horribly wrong on the Talos I space station. It’s up to you, your wits, and an arsenal of weaponry coupled with some crazy abilities to put together the pieces of Morgans past, figure out what went wrong and make it out alive. Are you up for it?

Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Are you looking for a super masochistic platformer? Well look no further buddy. you found it. In Super Rude Bear prepare to die a lot. The catch? Every time you die your corpses stay where they fell. Allowing you to use them as shields, platforms, carpets, barriers, or whatever else comes to mind. So technically every time you die the game gets easier, or you could just try and not die at all…


So, most times you roll downhill.  What happens when you have to roll uphill? You get TumbleSeed. In this rouge like you roll up a procedurally generated mountain while balancing your seed, avoiding holes, and gaining new powers to defeat corrupted creatures, in a quest to make it to the top and save your home. Can you master the art of rolling uphill and make it across all 5 unique worlds and claim the ultimate prize?



Well that about does it for me this week! Are you planning on picking up any of these titles, did I miss something that demands our attention, are you too busy playing something else or dreaming of E3 to even care? Let us know in the comments or chat with us on the twitters and Facebook.