I hear the sound of engines revving, as this is a big week on the PlayStation Store. There are a couple of interesting smaller titles — sci-fi fantasy RPG Elex, Rogue Trooper Redux and a sequel 30 years in the makings in Bokosuka Wars II — but this week is all about the big dogs. This week brings heavy hitters from the worlds of racing, wrestling, comedy and trivia.

Check out the full lineup on The Drop from the Playstation Blog.

Gran Turismo Sport

Although I’ve owned every PlayStation console with the exception of the PSP, I’ve never played a Gran Turismo game. I enjoy getting into racing games about once a generation, and Gran Turismo just hasn’t been my go-to. The last racing game I truly loved — not counting a certain Kart racer on a different console — was Burnout Paradise. This brings me to GT Sport. For the past year, I’ve been eying Forza Horizon 3 and hoping for a fun, realistic-ish racer to come to the PS4. I had DriveClub, which scratched the itch for a while, but ultimately felt shallow. This new installment of Gran Turismo could possibly be even shallower, with fewer cars, tracks and modes available.

And yet? I had a great time with the demo. I like the loop and how the game doles out experience and upgrades. It looks stunning — much better than it looked during the pre-e3 showcase. While I’m not planning to pick GT Sport up on day one, it’s a game I have my eye on.

Jackbox Party Pack 4

Just take my money. I loved the You Don’t Know Jack trivia games from my younger days, and the party packs that I’ve played thus far have been a ton of fun. This game features Fibbage 3, Monster Seeking Monster, Survive the Internet, Bracketeering and Civic Doodle. I have no clue how any of the newest games play, but that doesn’t matter at all. Now, if Jackbox could just come with a group of people readily available to play…

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I didn’t play the first one, and I don’t plan to play this one. But from all accounts, the South Park games seem to capture the essence of the TV show nearly perfectly, while offering fun RPG mechanics.

WWE 2K18

The Kurt Angle preorder bonus almost got me into this one, and I may still jump in at some point. The game looks predictably great, features an amazing Universe mode and fully customizable rosters and environments. This year’s game brings in a more robust backstage area as well. The only thing really holding me back — aside from time to play in general — is that it’s been a long, long time since I’ve regularly watched wrestling. It’s a past-time that may have just passed me by. That said, this year’s game looks great and has me hovering over that “buy” button.

Weekly Deals

This week’s sales kick off week 1 of the “Sale of the Dead,” which is also marketed as Promoción de los Muertos-Vivos on the store. There’s also a discount on EA Sports games this week (though honestly nothing too great there: Madden and NHL for $40, NBA for $30. Good if you’re looking to jump in digitally, but overall meh). Here’s the best of the Sale of the Dead Lineup:

  • Resident Evil 7 Deluxe Edition ($44.99, on sale from $89.99)
  • The Witcher 3 – Complete Edition ($19.99, on sale from $49.99)
  • Resident Evil 4 ($7.99, on sale from $19.99)
  • The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Season Pass ($11.24, on sale from $24.99)
  • Salt & Sanctuary (I can’t see the price as I already own it, but it’s awesome!)
  • What Remains of Edith Finch (35% off, in case you didn’t grab it when free on PS+)
  • Tharsis ($3.74, on sale from $14.99)

There are some great PS3 games for sale as well, including Dead Space 1-3, a host of Resident Evil games, and more.

This week, I’m still gaming Destiny 2, NBA 2K18 and SteamWorld Dig 2. What’re you playing? Comment below!