Are you interested in Hitman, but did not get to play in the previous beta because you had not pre-ordered? Well, if you are a PS Plus member, you are in luck. Io-Interactive has announced a PS Plus exclusive beta starting on March 4. It will be the same content as the previous beta, so nothing new for those of you who already pre-ordered. But, if you  wanted to check the game out before ordering, you now have a chance!

The opening cinematic for Hitman has also been revealed and it bridges the gap between the prologue of the game (which takes place in the past) and the current time. Io-Interactive has also given more information about the content that will be available between the monthly episodes. Contracts Mode (from Hitman: Absolution) will be returning as well as two new modes: Elusive Targets and Escalation Mode.

Elusive Targets will give you only one opportunity to take down a specific target within a limited time-frame. The big trick? It is all in real-time. So, if you are waiting for the full game release, or if you just happen to be away for an extended period of time, you may miss out on the opportunity to complete the mission. There will be in-game rewards for completing multiple Elusive Target contracts.

Escalation Mode will give a player specific tasks to do and the contracts will, you guessed it, escalate in difficulty. The specific example given on the Playstation Blog was removing security camera recordings within two minutes of being spotted. As the contracts progress, the location of the cameras may move and additional security features (i.e. trip-wire explosives) will be added to “escalate” the situation.  

PS4 players will also have access to six exclusive bonus contracts called The Sarajevo Six. These contracts tell a contained story and the first contract will be available when Hitman launches on March 11.

Are you going to check-out the beta? Have you already pre-ordered Hitman so this is old news? What are your thoughts on the new modes? Comment below or hit me up on twitter with your thoughts!