With the start of another month drawing near, PS Plus members eagerly await the announcement of what games they will be able to download for free. Will this month’s lineup be looked back at as one of the best ever, or will it be filled with games you have no desire to play? Let’s take a look..




The winner of the “Vote to Play” competition, Broforce is a side scrolling platformer big on action, explosions, and “Bros”.


A physics based, sci-fi shooter, Galak-Z is a challenging roguelike which should put your skills to the test.



The Last Guy

You are the final hope as The Last Guy puts the responsibility on you to get stranded survivors out of the city while avoiding the monsters focused on mass destruction.

Super Stardust HD

A twin-stick shooter developed by Housemarque who has a pedigree for developing really great… twin-stick shooters.


PS Vita

Flame Over

If you like roguelikes, twin-stick shooters, and putting out fires, Flame Over is a game that might set your world on fire.

Reality Fighters

Have you ever played a fighting game and wished your mug could be on one of the fighters? Well, with Reality Fighters, that dream can now become a…well…reality.


I am looking forward to a few of these games (Galak-Z and Flame Over) and I will play Broforce (though I voted for Assault Android Cactus) but overall it seems to be a soft month for PS Plus free games. I had never heard of The Last Guy or Reality Fighters prior to this announcement, and it feels like everyone has some version of Super Stardust at this point. I do enjoy when I get free games that I would not otherwise buy, but overall this list misses the mark for me.

What are your thoughts on the lineup? Anything in particular you will be playing? What are you hoping for next month? Comment below or hit me up on twitter!