While Bethesda hit the airwaves at midnight my time, that didn’t stop myself and a few other staffers from burning the midnight oil and giving you some live coverage of the event. While alot shorter than I expected they did present alot of content in the short period of time. But easily could have been more of a Nintendo Direct vs live  event as there really wasn’t much presence from Bethesda other than to open and close out the show. Weird choice considering what they’ve done the last to years, but to each their own. Let’s jump right in feet first into the 5 things I loved about this press conference.

While this may have been teased last year, they brought the goods this year for sure. This title seems to take a new approach, bringing you out of Europe to Nazi occupied America instead. No surprise here as you reprise your role as BJ Blazkowicz, bringing along quiet a few good and evil faces you are already familiar with, as well as some colorful new American editions. Graphics on this look great and they seem to have a good story on their hands. This one is one to look out for!

While the first one was just OK with me, the Evil Within 2, looks AMAZING. Overhauled graphics, sped up gameplay (the original was clunky and very slow), scary and action packed. The story does continue off the first one  (which in itself was a little confusing) if this trailer gets you excited you might have to slog your way through the original to truly appreciate it’s sequel.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a little more Dishonored. This one is a standalone title (think DLC) but Arkane seems to have done a very good job here.

The game will take players back to Karnaca where Billie (voiced by Rosario Dawson), now sporting an eye implant, will trek through the city’s seedy underbelly trying to take down the “bastard responsible for all the chaos.”

Bethesda says the game will feature new enemies and new ways to kill them,

“Using all-new powers and abilities, Billie will infiltrate underground fight clubs and square off against the Sisters of the Oracular Order, the immortal Envisioned and the Outsider-obsessed Eyeless gang. She’ll also face new Clockwork Soldiers – along with other new and returning foes – and retrieve ancient artifacts in a thrilling bank-heist mission, eventually facing the mysterious, god-like Outsider himself.”

I was torn about putting this on the list to be honest…on the downside: motion control (hopefully, probably this is optional) and it seems to 100% be a scaled down version of the game, not the remastered version of Skyrim. On the positive side…..amiibo support can bring “Link” to Skyrim complete with the master sword…thats pretty badass. Hopefully they allow others to be used. Give me Ness with a baseball bat, or Fox with a crossbow…..We will definitely keep an eye on more news here.

Literally everything they showed last night, err this morning, will be out before the end of 2017! So while some might have been underwhelmed with the presentation style or length of the conference, this is good news for ALL gamers. I’ll talk to you all later…I need to go and console my wallet, I hear it crying…..