I have played two Pokémon games so far in my life, Yellow and Alpha Sapphire. I didn’t get very far in Alpha Sapphire but I did complete Yellow with a lot of help from friends leading me to water and then teaching me to drink. This week though when news broke that Pokémon Go was out and we could download it from the app store, I decided lets jump in and see what this is about.

So after the game downloaded I took my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood and gave the game a chance. I caught two Pokémon off the bat. A Charmander and a Pidgey. I didn’t have any others pop up in the wild so I just continued our walk. When I got home I dove into the store to see what was all our there wanting to explore it.

Items in the store can be bought with Pokecoins with those oh so famous micro-transactions we all love. Though normally I don’t believe in spending money on micro transactions, for the purpose of the review I used a $10 iTunes gift card (thanks GameStop) to give all the items in the store a chance.

Items you can buy:

  1. Poke balls- used to catch wild Pokémon
  2. Incense-  uses a mysterious fragrence that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes
  3. Lucky egg- a lucky egg that earns you double xp for 30 minutes
  4. Lure Module- A module that attracts Pokémon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes. Other people can benefit from this as well.
  5. Egg incubator- A device that incubates eggs as you walk until it is ready to hatch, breaks after 3 uses.
  6. Bag Upgrade- increases the max number of items you can carry
  7. Pokémon storage upgrade- Increases the max number of pokemon you can carry
  8. 8. Pokecoins- varied mounts

I purchased all of these in the lowest amount using the Pokecoins from my $10 micro transaction and then tried them out.

The one that I was the most impressed with so far is the Incense. As I stated I had only two pokemon from my night out walking the dog last night and non showed up at the housed sadly. However, after using one of the Incenses I have caught a Caterpie, a Weedle, and three more Pidgey’s in my backyard.

The bag and Storage upgrade are fairly self explanatory and were easy to use as they just add to your storage upon purchase.

How Pokestops work:

Pokestops are a lot of fun. They are easy to use, you simply show up to the designated spot and spin the wheel. As it spins, you then collect the dropped loot by tapping on it. I have gotten most of my gear from visiting a church and shopping center near my house that has a total of 9 pokestops in a two block area.

Items from Pokestops:

  1. Poke balls
  2. Great Ball
  3. Potion- heals wounds up to 20 points
  4. Super Potion- heals wounds up to 50 points
  5. Hyper Potion- A spray- type medicine for treating wounds. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 200 points.
  6. Revive- A medicine that can revive fainted Pokémon. It also restores half of a fainted Pokémon’s maximum HP.
  7. Razz Berry- Feed this to a Pokémon and it will be easier to catch on your next throw

Gym battles: I cant stand Gym battles. I keep fighting for the same two by my house and it is just so aggravating. How it works is you have to battle however many Pokémon are defending the gym. I have fought a gym with one and that is easy as you have six to go against it. The hard one is the one with three defending it. I eventually will beat them but can only leave one Pokémon behind to defend it and then it gets taken over again. Come on Red team, I need your help.

What to do after you have caught some Pokémon:

Now everyone is different so make sure to do what you feel is best. My rule is simple, I don’t keep doubles unless they are over 400 CP. My reasoning behind this is two fold.

  1. Keeps more room for me in my Pokémon storage
  2. Allows me to get more candy from the different types of Pokémon so that I can evolve them quicker

Final Thoughts: So far this game has been an awesome experience for me. I am out walking around with my wife, catching Pokémon and just having some great chats with fellow trainers I meet along the way. The server issues have been a problem but with so many things in my life, I tend to not have an issue stepping away and working on school stuff, gaming on one of the consoles, or working out in the front yard. As I say goodbye, I wanted to leave you with my favorite Pokémon so far. Cant wait to upgrade him more and take over San Antonio one Gym at a time. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Good luck gamers.