Pokemon is everywhere in this 2oth year of our Pokemon & the get keeps getting better. Not only are the original Pokemon games invading your 3DS Virtual Console on February 27th – Pokemon are coming to the Wii U as well. Entering the world of Splatoon in the form of this months Splatfest, teams will wage war in the honor of Pokemon Red vs. Pokemon Blue.

Head to the Inkopolis Plaza and select which game is your favorite: Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue!

This Splatfest will begin on February 19 at 10:00 PM PT and will run until February 20 at 10:00 PM PT.

This Splatfest will also happen simultaneously around the world. Like any other Splatfest, however, players you get matched with will be from your region, and the results will also be tallied by each region. 



Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur costumes come to Mario Maker via a Pokemon themed level as well – LIVE RIGHT NOW – GO GO GO!!!  NintendoInquirer


Let us not forget to mention that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team was released for the European Wii U Virtual Console this week. Fingers crossed it comes Stateside soon (this blogger believes it will).


Last but not least, Pokken Tournament is on the cusp of its console release. A listing has already been added on the Wii U eShop detailing modes (online and local multiplayer), file size (4.23 GB), and control options (virtually all of them). Also, Pokken Tournament supports every amiibo on the market!

Adding all this to a Super Bowl commercial and the impending Pokemon Go for mobile and it looks like The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are pulling out all the stops to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th.