When I placed my pre-order for this, I got some weird looks. “My kids love this game too,” the 5-foot-nothing Best Buy clerk said.

As all 6 feet 7 inches of me just stood there childless except for the students I teach and my dog,  I began to think of a witty retort–something that would show that just because I am a very tall and large man, there is still a child in me who loves all games, something that would stop the stereotypes and reset order to this world.  Instead, I mumbled something along the lines of, “Fhefhskjddd.” Ah yes, take that faceless clerk.

Why start with this story from months ago?  Because kicking stereotypes in the face is exactly what this game does. This games seems like it is a small splash park in the backyard–really only for the kids. However, this game is more of an amusement park (not Disney good but still) where there really is something for everyone. The intro to this game sets you in an awesome world. One with plants and a man named Dave on one side and a zombie horde on the other. The single player set up starts right off the bat and instead of the previous installment, you can play the mission (horde mode on pixie dust) with the AI instead of multiplayer which suits me better for this type of game.

The backyard (the hub of the game) is a great space to just look around, find new things, do small missions, or dive into co-op or multiplayer modes. But, you can still explore and even go from the plant-friendly side over to the zombie side. In the middle, is an all-out brawl with different AI plants running into and fighting AI zombies. Special zombies even pop up every once in while if you spend enough time in this Midgard battle zone. An hour or so into the game, I have already leveled up a few plants, played a multitude of game modes from single to multiplayer, and just had a good time exploring.

The XP system is pretty basic and unlocking everything seems like it would have made this a great free to play game the way it is set up.

As I dive farther into the game, I am hoping to see a few things:

  1. Why do zombies hate plants?
  2. Why are these zombie’s vegetarians?
  3. Is Dave the only human being alive?
  4. If Dave is the only human being alive, is raising a plant army really the best way to combat the zombie hordes?
  5. What are the odds of Plants vs Walking dead crossover?