Hello Ladies and Gents,

Coach Mo here and I just wanted to share some of my first impressions from the game Overwatch. I am an hour in and so far have found three big loves and one big dislike for the game.


  1. The online play is seamless and match-making is a breeze. Even with the server issues they had from the start, I was waiting less than 10 seconds per match. I have played all 4 game modes offered right now (online, vs AI, custom, and weekly challenge) and have had no issues jumping in and out of games.
  2. Switching players on the fly–I absolutely love the fact that if my team needs  a Tank, I can quickly switch to a Tank. It is easier than waiting to die, you just have to go to a specific point on the map and you can switch without dying and jump in to help your team.
  3. Gun play is smooth across the board. I played with five different characters and each one has been awesome so far. Gun play from my Tank to my Healer was incredible, and I had no issues playing different positions to help my team.


Huge Dislike:

  1. I kept hoping that Blizzard was just holding back, you know, being blizzardy. But there is no single player campaign at all. I know it was rumored to have no single player aspects, but with all the great back story videos they made and the single player campaigns they had in games like StarCraft, I was hoping they had something up their sleeve. Maybe they still do, but for now if you want to play Overwatch your options are multiplayer or AI.

Here is quick clip of me playing in an online match that was deemed one of the plays of the game (a cool feature they have after matches, pin pointing impressive and important gameplay that affected the match)