The latest rumor regarding the Nintendo NX is beginning to circulate the Twitter-sphere. Could Nintendo’s next hardware be called the Nintendo Duo? The source of the rumor can be traced to a Japanese message board 2Chan.

First Take –  This is fake. If the NX really is the long-rumored handheld-console hybrid, the concept of branding it ‘Duo” makes sense. The name ‘Duo’ is very short and sounds like a marketing campaign. Ultimately the source of the image screams fan-made to generate attention.  To this point we have had zero leaks from publications/developers claiming any other name than the NX. If the console name was out there on printed materials, I feel like we would have something a little more concrete for evidence. Also, if this was just a leaked promotional item, why would any of it be blurred out? I doubt a leaker would care enough to hide some information when deciding to share undisclosed information.

What do you think of the name ‘Nintendo Duo’? Do you think this could be real? Sound off in the comments below.