According to (Market for Computers & Video Games) Nintendo is determined to launch the upcoming NX device with a stronger lineup of games than Wii U launched with. Citing sources “close to Nintendo”

Nintendo is putting together a triple-A software line-up, to ensure NX flies out of the gate next year.

Developer Game Freak will bring Pokémon to the platform, while Nintendo’s first party titles include the previously announced Zelda game: Breath of the Wild and a new Mario game. All three products are scheduled to appear within the first six months of the machine’s life. The firm has also been busy securing third-party support, with Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros already on-board.  [MCV Source Article]

So that’s exciting news. Getting a proper Pokémon game on the NX inside of a respectable launch window with Zelda and Mario seems like a dream-team launch approach that would guarantee NX success to me. If true, that would also mean that Pokémon on NX  could be the first core title playable on the TV if the hybrid console rumors are true. Mario coming to any Nintendo launch isn’t a stretch prediction, but we can only hope that this NX Mario game is the long desired Mario Galaxy 3 or perhaps a port of Mario Maker. Maybe its something entirely new for our beloved Italian plumber.

Ubisoft and Square Enix had announced NX support prior to this article from, but I do believe this is the first time Activision has been mentioned as an NX developer. My initial reaction on Activision titles on NX would be Skylanders as one would assume Nintendo’s NX device will support NFC (near field communication) natively due to the smashing success found on the Wii U with Amiibo. Maybe there’s hope of some kind of on the go Call of Duty. Activision did put two Call of Duty’s on Wii U, supported the Wii with COD ports, and even released Call of Duty games on Nintendo DS.

While all of this is great news (too good to be true maybe?) we still have not heard anything connecting EA to NX. I’m very interested to know if the company will bring any of their sports franchises to NX. To date, EA has only commented that they will “Evaluate any and all opportunities” & that they would be there for NX if it made sense for the company. [BBC Source]

Also noted in the article is a NX comparison. Claiming a source who has went hands on with a NX dev kit:

“It’s a nice bit of kit, a bit of a novelty, but a good one,” said one exec that has got hands on with the machine. “It won’t appeal to PS4 fans. Nintendo seems set on trying to upgrade smartphone gamers. That’s going to be a big job for the marketing department.”

So that’s a wrap on the latest buzz surrounding NX. Reminder, NX (or whatever it’s name becomes) is scheduled for global launch 8 months from now in March 2017. NX is also rumored to be officially unveiled to the public in September according to the Eurogamer leak report we covered here. Are you excited for NX? Is this the lineup you were hoping for at launch?