With the direct now out in the wild, it appears we’ll be seeing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on the mobile platform sometime this November! With Isabelle stuffing our face full of details (and the most treble and bass-heavy female voice I have heard in months), here’s what we have to look forward to. Check out the video below with PSVG’s Donnie and Jason giving thoughts on it as it was played live!

And here’s the raw footage in case you’re one of those people.


From the gist of it, the world will not be the usual local village, but rather a campground site of some kind, where decorations are waiting to be crafted! That’s right folks, you’re not digging up holes or making moolah to buy them, you’re making them yourselves! Hunting for materials and other supplies, you’ll be out on your own virtual wilderness trying to gather up a chance to build the usual luxuries, like a picnic table or a wooden swing. This will attract new animals to build friendships with!

To do this, however, you will need to place a Craft Order, which, unsurprisingly, will increase in wait time as you progress through the game. Amenities, aka super big projects, will take three days to build, if not longer.  As free-to-play games are apt to do, they allow you to “speed” up the process, as well as replace any material you don’t have, with Leaf Tickets, the premium currency of the game which is typically earned by completing tedious stretch goals and bought with real money. Yay.

There’ll also be NPCs loitering about like the friends you all know and love, looking for attention and items you may stumble upon in your quest to be the best campsite manager you can be. In the video, we see our little fella plucking apples for Goldie, a cute Golden Lab, and netting for fish for another hungry chum, a cat named Rosie. Doing these mini-quests will often reward in materials and bells you need to continue building your wooden utopia.


Sunburst Island will be your island to visit to hunt bugs and other goodies, much like the previous games. Filbert will be chilling about, too! There will also be a beach, a forest, and a river, alongside other potential places to explore.


The game also utilizes the phone’s internal clock, allowing the game to be played in conjunction with the time of day for sunlight. Playing at night will give you a campfire feel, and sunny side up means fishing and playing!

Character Customization is at the usual level, with the basic boy-or-girl method and some mild hairdos of varying colors of eccentricity.

For those of you that love blowing bells on ridiculous decorations, worry not! The marketplace still exists, where places like Nook Global and Able Sisters To Go are ready to milk your wallet dry! Kicks comes with some sweet shoes, to boot!


Not quite like a house, you do get a camper that you can decorate both the exterior and interior. You’ll get to check out a sales lot and find which one fits your personal pleasure over at OK Motors. Paint jobs, second floors (yes, on a camper RV), and loans are the usual welcome to the big purchases of Animal Crossing lore.


People from other campgrounds can visit you randomly as NPCs! Sweet talk to them and give em a praise or two, and you can offer to become friends! You can also share your ID with more personal friends and explore their campsites as well.

Seasonal event ahoy! Expect the usual plethora of parties and chance to get festive items depending on the time of year.

So that about wraps it up! Let us know what you think in the comments below and on Twitter @PSVG, where we wait until next November to play this mobile exclusive.