It’s no secret that we at PSVG are excited about the Nintendo Switch, and that we want to know more about the system.

Nintendo has lined up a lot of partnering developers, and it looks like the Switch could help Nintendo attract those third-party games again. One of the most exciting features of the new console — if not the key feature — is the ability to, ahem, switch from playing on the TV to playing on the go.

With this feature in mind and that long list of third-party partners, the PSVG crew has been discussing games that would be great on the Switch. Each staff member highlighted a few games they’re most interested in:


The NBA 2K franchise is an easy one for me. It’s routinely in my top few games every year and looks amazing on the current generation of consoles. Although 2K wouldn’t confirm that the game is coming to the Nintendo console — whether at launch or next season — it was an encouraging sign to see the game featured in Switch’s launch trailer.

My favorite mode in 2K is always the GM mode, which I think would transfer wonderfully to an on-the-go system. Depending on your travel schedule, you could perform the menu-based GM duties on the tablet and play the games on the big screen (or the small, of course). I do see 2K’s always online ethos getting in the way here, as it’s unlikely players could be online while travelling. But I think there’s money to be made here, and I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it work.

Persona 5
As soon as I saw Atlus show up on Nintendo’s third party list, I thought of Persona. The only game from the series that I’ve played was Persona 4: Golden on the Vita. I played the mess out of that game and couldn’t stop till it was over. I played it at home, on trips and during breaks at work.

I haven’t even been paying much attention to what Persona 5 is about this time around. I know that I want to play it at some point. But if there’s the possibility that it could come to the Switch, I intend to wait for it there.

Sonic Mania
Sonic the Hedgehog is one of my favorite gaming characters from my youth, and I am super stoked about Sonic Mania coming out next year. The game is a return to the original Sonic gameplay, and it should look gorgeous in 1080p.

I also have fond memories of playing Sonic on-the-go on my Game Gear in the ‘90s. If Sonic makes his way onto the Switch, it’ll really be the best of both worlds — the ability to zip around pretty landscapes on the big screen, and the chance to bring him on the road.


Kingdom Hearts 1+2:
I would love to see the HD remixes of these titles on the go for my (future) Switch purchase. In my mind this series always just seemed a good fit with the Nintendo name but we’ve only seen versions on the GBA, DS, and 3DS (only the 3DS one was good). I can easily see myself sinking in some lunch break time into these classics easily.

Katamari Damacy:
More favs from the PS2 era, doesn’t have to be the same games, could be a remaster or a whole new entry. I can’t get enough of it anyway and it is a perfect play for bite sized gaming on the go.

Yea i know, Kevin and his Fallout…..well if they showed Skyrim…then Fallout is definitely possible. I just need a way to play Fallout on the go and i will be in pure gaming bliss. Picking up and playing side missions on the go would be one of the best uses for the Switch I could imagine!


Call me crazy, but I have been dying for a new Battletoads. With the addition of Rash into the Killer Instict series, now may be the time for a Battletoads return!

Disney’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance
This game series may be the best beat em’ up of all time. Now is the time to get our fight on! Let get some 4 player Ultimate Alliance on the Switch! After watching that trailer, can’t you just picture sitting there with your friends 2 per screen kicking some Hyrda Butt?

None of this past NBA Jam remasters or whatever they call them. It’s time for a proper New NBA Jam! The Switch would/will be the perfect console for this old school classic. Picture this – Mario on fire dunking on Lebron!!

NBA 2K, NBA Jam, and Persona 5 were all on my shortlist, but in an attempt to not duplicate answers here are 3 third party games I’d like to see on Nintendo Switch:

Dark Souls 4
I completely understand that this request is likely to go unfulfilled on the Nintendo Switch. However high hopes are what wish-lists are all about. There’s no better way to showcase that you want 3rd party support and to appeal to a core video game market than to put dark souls on the platform. FromSoftware support could showcase how the on the go console is a worthwhile investment to any gamer addicted to the grind.

Call of Duty: Infinite Whatever Name
I hope the first thought to anyone that noticed dual triggers while watching the Nintendo Switch trailer was Call of Duty. Everyone’s favorite annual franchise is still the king of shooters and to be able to play that game at home or on the go would be a major selling point, especially with good online capabilities. The Vita tried to make good on this promise with Call of Duty and Killzone mini’s, but let’s be honest shooters just aren’t as fun without dual triggers.

Telltale’s the Walking Dead Collection
While often rumored but never seen, the Walking Dead series from Telltale has never graced a Nintendo platform. I’ve always found this oddity surprising knowing how well The Walking Dead can be played with touchscreen controls. Nintendo Switch can offer gamers the best of both worlds, controller support when you’re sitting back on the couch and a nifty touchscreen playthrough on the move. Seeing as how TWD Season 3 should be near completion by the time Nintendo Switch launches in March, a collection of seasons 1 through 3 to catch Nintendo gamers up to speed would be a nice launch lineup addition.

Thanks for reading along for our wish list for 3rd party support. Comment below with some of your wishlist items!