Donnie April 12, 20175:58 pm

The first noticeable item happened before the show even started. Did you see Nintendo altered the Nintendo Direct logo? Went with a slightly more rounded, less blocky look. I like it.

Donnie April 12, 20176:01 pm

Yoshiaki Koizumi kicks off the show with 3DS news.

Hey Pikmin coming July 28th with a new Pikmin amiibo!

Donnie April 12, 20176:02 pm

Ever Oasis is up next and coming out on 3DS June 23rd

Donnie April 12, 20176:03 pm

Monster Hunter Stories comes next out this fall followed by some Yokai Watch 2.

Donnie April 12, 20176:06 pm

Culdcept Revolt and RPG Maker both shown in a 3DS speed run. RPG Maker is coming with a free app RPG player. Miitopia, the game that is already out in Japan and a Tomadachi Life comparable is coming to 3DS in the West also this year.

Donnie April 12, 20176:08 pm

Kirby Clash Deluxe is out today and a new Kirby 3D game titled Kirbys Blowout Blast out this summer.

Donnie April 12, 20176:09 pm

Yes, Byebye BoxBoy OUT TODAY with over 100 levels across 18 worlds with amiibo support.

Donnie April 12, 20176:10 pm

Nintendo making alternate costumed amiibos for Bayonetta, Corrin, and Cloud, coming in July.

Donnie April 12, 20176:11 pm

Arms is up next. Video covers all the different types and variations of Arms combinations.

Donnie April 12, 20176:13 pm

New character “Minmin” a Ramen flavored fighter announced.

Donnie April 12, 20176:17 pm

After a rathy lengthy Arms fight showcase, 2 on 2 multiplayer was announced and coming June 16th, 2017 with Neon yellow joycons with battery extending pack.

Donnie April 12, 20176:17 pm

Now its time for Switch

Donnie April 12, 20176:18 pm

Mario Kart 8 gets first airtime. Battle mode tournaments online, or in rooms with friends. Covers that its the biggest Mario Kart game at launch.

Donnie April 12, 20176:21 pm

Street Fighter shown and then Minecraft announced, comes with 4 player local coop with the Mario flavored mash up pack. Coming May 11 digitally, physical release later.

Donnie April 12, 20176:22 pm

Here comes some Sonic news. Sonic Forces coming this Holiday. Sonic Mania, the retro inspired new Sonic game coming this Summer.

Donnie April 12, 20176:22 pm

Project Mikuru (working title) a multiplayer focused game centered on flipping colored tiles this summer.

Donnie April 12, 20176:23 pm

Next up is Fate / Xtella, a new RPG from XSEED coming to Switch July 25th. Then Disgea 5 comes on screen announcing a demo is coming soon, game coming May 23rd.

Donnie April 12, 20176:24 pm

Puyo Puyo Tetris is up next, demo and lessons mode are out today.

Donnie April 12, 20176:25 pm

Monopoly announced for the Switch as well, coming this fall.

Donnie April 12, 20176:26 pm

Rayman Legends, the definitive edition trailer shown. Solo and tournament mode announced with mario costumes coming 2017

Donnie April 12, 20176:26 pm

Sine More EX coming to Switch this Summer.

Donnie April 12, 20176:27 pm

THQ Nordic Battlechasers Nightwar RPG is coming first on Nintendo Switch late summer

Donnie April 12, 20176:27 pm

PayDay 2 announced for Switch, coming later this year.

Donnie April 12, 20176:32 pm

Last game of the day says Koizumi, Splatoon 2.

Starts with an old VHS looking trailer leads into a new mode announcement. Mode called Salmon Run, an4 player team horde-like game where you fight off waves of ‘chum’.

Donnie April 12, 20176:33 pm

A reward / loot tie-in also hinted at with Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run

Donnie April 12, 20176:34 pm

Splatoon 2 amiibo announced, 3 more amiibo coming. Boy, Girl, and Squid.

Donnie April 12, 20176:35 pm

Splatoon 2 coming July 21st with new amiibo coming the same day.