Earlier today Bandi Namco released a video from CEO of Level-5 and Director of Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, Akihiro Hino announcing the highly anticipated JRPG is being delayed from its announced November 10, 2017, release to January 19, 2018. Hino also clarified reports coming out of E3 saying the game would contain multiplayer saying these reports are not accurate, there is no multiplayer, and the confusion was the result of misunderstanding a question asked at E3. You can watch the entire video below.

My take? Game delays are disappointing, but I was surprised when this game got a release date of this year. Even the short two-month delay, to me, is surprising and shows they are much further along in development than I anticipated. For my gaming time, I am sighing a bit of relief as I still have a crazy backlog from this year and a handful of games I am still hoping to pick up. I would rather them take the time to polish the game and give the player the best experience possible. Granted, on cannot ignore that just like the past falls, the PS4 is losing another exclusive. However, with the Xbox One X releasing this fall and the Switch hype train still barrelling down the track, I do not think Ni No Kuni II was the game that was going to “win” them the holiday season. I know I will still have plenty to play this year and look forward to long winter nights in January curled up with some hot cocoa and Ni No Kuni II.