Calling all Koopalings – Nintendo has launched the “My Nintendo Account” registration which you can access at the aptly named: I used my current NNID to register for an account and it was as simple as it could be, only taking about 30 seconds to register and connect my Google and Twitter accounts. Registering your Google or NNID account will prompt you to verify a four digit code that Nintendo sends to your associated email. My Nintendo Accounts are a direct replacement to Nintendo’s Club Nintendo.

After creating a My Nintendo account, anyone can then preregister for a Miitomo account here. Miitomo is the “free-to-start” mobile app, the first Nintendo mobile application, coming  March. More importantly, setting up a My Nintendo Account plus Miitomo will net some “My Nintendo Points” automatically which can be claimed for discounts on digital purchases.

NNID Registration