Let me start this off by saying I absolutely love Destiny. The butter smooth gun play, story (or lack thereof for some), to its balancing issues, convoluted currency and leveling system, I love it all. It has been my go to and fall back game since this generation. When I’m playing other games, I tend to find myself saying “this isn’t Destiny”. Even when other games are really good, such as  the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor, I played it, was having fun, only to abandon it a few days later because it wasn’t Destiny. I began to wonder, just what is it about Destiny that keeps myself and many others coming back?

These are my top 3 reasons for coming back to Destiny.

Scratching That Itch

For many gamers, myself included, there is that itch to obtain the best loot, maximize those stats, to achieve the very best load-out possible. This loop can be a serious exercise in frustration, especially in Destiny where there hasn’t always been a guaranteed for certain drops. Destiny does however provide the gamer something to look forward to during the chase. For many year one players (those who didn’t quit after reaching level 24 or at the completion of the campaign) it was the fabled Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn. A Rocket Launcher so powerful it reduced most bosses to ash in the blink of an eye, and could get you excluded from a group if you didn’t have it. Or maybe it was the infamous Fatebringer, destroyer of arc based enemies,and exploder of heads.  For me it was the Hawkmoon. Glorious beautiful Hawkmoon (see above). This exotic Hand Cannon had the ability to kill fellow Guardians in the crucible with one lucky well placed head shot and was just as deadly in the wild. Unfortunately I actually didn’t get Hawkmoon until day one of year two after it was nerfed into the ground and pretty much useless.

The Grind

Grinding. It’s what you do in any looter shooter or RPG game. We’ve all experienced the grind in some form. Love it or hate it, it’s part of the experience. It’s a way to extend the playtime of the player and boy does Destiny have a grind. Re-running the same strikes over and over to get your light to a “Raid Ready” number. Re-running the same strikes over and over to get that one gun that melts in the Crucible (Destiny’s PVP for the uninitiated). Running the Raid over and over for that exotic chest. Some of us remember in the before time, in the long, long ago actually having material farming runs on patrol so we could level up our weapons and gear. Now if you have the right currency you can just buy the materials you need and miss out on all that glory. I mean sure it saves time, but the world of Destiny is so beautifully crafted it I have no problem just spending 45 min to an hour running around the different planets and collecting supplies.


The last reason I have driving my Destiny addiction – playing with your friends has never been so much fun. Most multiplayer games (not named World of Warcraft) involve the player shooting your friends, not teaming up with them and going on some grand adventure. Destiny, at its core, places the player on a team with two to five friends braving the landscape, vanquishing your foes and “Becoming Legend.” Whether that is by destroying other guardians in the Crucible or conquering any of the multiple raids, Destiny is at its absolute best when you are playing with others. In my case, I have plenty of friends that have absolutely no clue about any of the story, or why they are killing the fallen or the taken but remain die hard Destiny players. Which highlights both one it’s greatest strengths and one of its glaring weaknesses.

So what games have you been unable to put down? What’s that one game, no matter what, keeps bringing you back for more? What game keeps calling you back like your bed in the morning before work?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what your gaming drug of choice is.