Earlier today on an investors call, Nintendo was finally beginning to elaborate more on Miitomo (its first of at least 5 mobile device apps/games to launch between now and March 2017) and its new “My Nintendo” rewards service. According to the latest information, registration for the game and the “My Nintendo” service will become available February 17th.

Rewards will be separated into two different categories: “Gold Points,” which can be gained from buying Nintendo games, consoles, and digital content (in similar fashion to the Club Nintendo format), and “Platinum Points” that you will get from logging into your “My Nintendo” accounts, playing the new mobile games and apps, as well as possible special events and promotions.

What you then do with these points is also a little different: “Gold Points” can be used for discount deals and/or coupons for purchasing MORE Nintendo stuff (I see what you’re trying to do there Nintendo…..) while the “Platinum Points” will be used for digital content (wallpaper and additional downloadable content). They did, however, also make a point to mention “Original Goods” as well, which might end up being things like physical products, similar to what Club Nintendo offered (soundtracks, playing cards, cases, etc).

The “My Nintendo” will launch in mid-March along with the release of Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smartphone title. So far, not a ton of information has come out around this; but, it seems to be very similar to its Nintendo 3DS title, “Tomodachi Life,” which was a lot of fun and very quirky. So, in my opinion, this is right in line with what Nintendo does typically around new launches. It will be available for both iOS and Android, (sorry Windows phone/Blackberry users, if there are any left) and will also feature Mii Photo, which will allow you to help Nintendo market the app by allowing you to utilize your Mii Character, adding captions and such to easily share on social networks.


We will be sure to let you know as more details emerge. Will you be checking out Miitomo when it launches?