Nintendo has opened the Mini Mario & Friends official webpage. Originally announced in the last Nintendo Direct, Mini Mario & Friends is the free to play title centered around Amiibo figures. If you purchase an Amiibo between March 25th (Friday) & April 27th you’ll receive a download code to obtain early access for the game on your Wii U or 3DS. The game will be made available for all Nintendo players on April 27th.

Now “free to play” in this case can be construed as misleading – You will need an Amiibo to play the game. A Mario or Donkey Kong character is required. However, any of the Mario’s will get the job done (8 bit Mario, Smash Mario, Mario Party series Mario, Dr. Mario, and Gold Mario). All other characters are considered optional based on you having the amiibo figurine.

New characters will feature special abilities that should make for some very interesting puzzles compared to the last Mario v. Donkey Kong.

  • Luigi – High Jump
  • Peach – Floating Jump
  • Toad – Small Crawl
  • Donkey Kong – Quick Climb
  • Diddy Kong – Ledge Grab
  • Bowser – Bowser Bomb
  • Bowser Jr. – Spike Guard
  • Yoshi – Eat Enemies
  • Rosalina – Lunar Launch


Are you excited for Nintendo’s first amiibo centered game?