Rejoice or roll around in salt, Metroid Prime: Federation Force has released today in North America.

The game has definitely had its share of controversy and has been met with mixed view from it’s very first announcement.  Reviews have been unleashed from the usual suspects across the internet and those seem to be mixed as well.  Here’s the current rundown:

So a little bit across the board here if we look at the numbers.  Personally, I feel that the game is going to fall somewhere around a “7”, but really, if it’s fun, that’s all that matters!  Glancing through some of the reviews, I noticed the authors mention issue with single-player in this game.  Specifically in regards to balance and enjoyment.  I think to really get the full scope and experience with this game, you HAVE to be playing co-op.  I really appreciate the viewpoint of Gamexplain, and I have a pretty good feeling that my own experience will draw a parallel with theirs.  I’m really looking forward to playing a portable co-op shooter, what can i say!?

Look for our full review and/or impressions from the PSVG crew sometime next week.  Let us know if you pick it up, let’s play!