As a member of the console crowd — and not of the so-called PC Master Race — I was utterly unaware of the existence of Marvel Heroes until the console iteration, Marvel Heroes Omega, was announced.

The concept grabbed me immediately: Diablo gameplay with a large roster of Marvel characters, and an end-game that adds to the experience. You had me at “Diablo.”

I usually don’t like to spend much time playing Betas if the progress won’t carry over into the main game, but I jumped in on the Marvel Heroes Omega beta on PS4 based purely on the concept and some initial impressions from some of the PSVG crew of the PC version.

And I’m glad I did.

Marvel Heroes Omega is unabashedly a Diablo 3 clone, with some MMO trappings layered on top. I’m playing with Spiderman right now, who I’ve stuck with outside of the initial tutorial that has you try out Captain America and Hulk. I’m enjoying the story, and I absolutely love the battle system and powers I’m unlocking.

Controls are intuitive and there is a good amount of strategy as I alternate between melee and distance-based combat. Spiderman zips in and out of trouble with relative ease. The story is presented well, with some early twists and turns that I look forward to playing through to the end.

The open MMO areas capture some of what I enjoy so much about Destiny. Working with other Spiderman clones, members of the Avengers, Deadpool and so-forth, we’ve blasted through a variety of public events for sweet loot and major experience boosts.

Outside of the main story that progresses in animated, comic-book-inspired cutscenes, the game also pushes you to talk with different characters in the main hub in order to get more back story. As a relative noob to the Marvel Universe — I’m basically familiar with the movies, and have read a few of the comics — the game provides some welcome back story for characters I’m unfamiliar with.

I haven’t entirely wrapped my mind around the systems yet, or around crafting and unlocking new items. Typically in loot-fest games like this, I just roll with what drops and go from there.

My only real “complaint” so far is that the text can be difficult to read, and there is a lot of text at times. When you talk with a character, a small text box will pop up with tiny text. The box itself is also slightly transparent, which can make deciphering the actual text difficult. I suppose this isn’t a problem when playing on PC and sitting a foot from the monitor. But sitting on the couch, 8 feet from my TV, I sometimes struggle with reading everything. I hope this is something that can be fixed for when the game officially launches later this year.

I’m also not far enough in to decide what I think about the pay aspects of the game and whether the ability to unlock new characters happens fast enough. I like that you can try every character up to level 10, then have to unlock their full potential through either payment or collecting Infinity Shards. My current plan is to play through the whole game as Spiderman, then see what I’m able to unlock. The game seems to be pretty generous with the Infinity shards, though I know it takes 200 to 600 of them to unlock each character.

Though the game is free-to-play, the only surefire way to get into the beta on PS4 is to buy a pack, ranging from $16 for War Machine up to $60 for an Avengers pack with multiple characters. Whatever your initial investment, it’s absolutely enough to have a complete experience in Marvel Heroes Omega.