Having played almost all of the other games in the Mario & Luigi series, and being overall a fan of Paper Mario, I was excited to get my hands on this one and see what kind of mash-up Nintendo came up with.┬áTypical to all of the other entries in this series it’s an RPG’esque game that focuses heavily on your dexterity skills during combat that is semi-turn based semi-real time events….follow? Yea neither did I for awhile. For example when an enemy attacks you have the opportunity to jump and dodge said attack. A is for Mario, B is for Luigi, X is for Paper Mario….sometimes the enemy will attack all three, sometimes just one or two or sometimes they will attack them all multiple times. So it can be a bit tricky to keep up with and execute well. Despite the universal appeal Mario has among gamers, I think this would be a tough play for the younger fans.

Nintendo definitely decided to play it safe on this one, not taking full advantage of the clashing of these two worlds to the full potential, which might be all in all a smart move so that they didn’t damage either franchises reputation. Combo attacks are still primarily focused on Mario and Luigi, with a few crossing over to all three. Paper Mario’s effectiveness is really contingent on how many copies of him you currently have. He makes copies of himself and stacks them up so his attacks are multiplied by how many Paper Marios you have. The┬ástory plays it extremely safe and really doesn’t take any chances at all. The entire Paper Mario universe is in a book, inside the castle…..and yep of course Luigi knocks it over which releases their world into the Mushroom Kingdom. As you could probably already predict Paper Bowser meets Bowser and sure they fight a bit until the decide to join armies. The two princesses hang out at the castle and send Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario off to battle. Don’t get me wrong it’s not terrible, but I think they could have done so much more.

Visually the game looks great, especially in 3D it really shines with some of the combo attacks changing perspective of the camera. The dialogue while funny doesn’t have any laugh out loud moments that the series is known for. The amont that the NPC’s talk too can get tiring sometimes and while it has a FF button for cut scenes and dialogue, it still goes on too long.

Overall if you are a Mario fan give it a chance it’s a good game, Nintendo once again gives the people what they want. But personally I feel they could have given SO much more from this. Here’s hoping Paper Mario will get me a little more excited!

Paper Jammed