In case you missed it….

There was an update yesterday released for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, bumping the game up to version 1.1. List of changes from Nintendo’s site are HERE:

  • Opponents’ names are displayed in the rear view mirror view in online matches.
  • Invincibility period after a spin-out or crash is longer in online matches.
  • Up to two players can spectate a friend group while they wait to join.
  • “Worldwide” and “Regional” modes add players to Mirror and 200cc matches less often.
  • Can now properly create a friend lobby when you have 100 or more friends.
  • Inkling Girl’s animation has been adjusted.
  • Starting positions in online races now properly reflect the order in which players join.
  • Driver Miis now properly showing facial expressions.
  • Tournament clock now properly reflects real-world time.

Interestingly enough, it appears the inklings had their animation updated:

See the difference? I won’t go into further details as to why.


If you haven’t, listen to our audio review of the game and come race with us and the rest of the Super Indie Podcast community!