Donnie July 6, 20179:49 am

10 minute warning!

Donnie July 6, 201710:00 am

And we’re live!

Donnie July 6, 201710:02 am

New character customization options. Skin-tone, hair styles, and gear.

Donnie July 6, 201710:07 am

Alright, on to the good stuff, new weapons! I really like the new weapons test area.

Chargers can keep charged while moving, rollers have a vertical splat. New clash blaster looks like a shotgun. The Flingza Roller has a longer range throw. Goo Tuber holds a charge for a long period of time for those that want to play stealth style.

Donnie July 6, 201710:09 am

Specials are up next. You can now see who has specials during the match. Missiles, a hover gun, the sting ray can shoot through walls, and the splashdown is a ground pound move, and now there’s and ink storm that causes it to rain!

Donnie July 6, 201710:13 am

New modes and stages. Turf War and Ranked battle come back. League battles allows players to play with their friends for a 2 hour lobby period, leagues can get a medal for good performance and bragging rights.

Donnie July 6, 201710:13 am

Separate ranks will be available for each mode.

Donnie July 6, 201710:15 am

Salmon run is now up – Splatoon 2’s horde mode. Showing new enemy types. Looks like utter chaos and a ton of fun!!

Donnie July 6, 201710:17 am

Here comes Splatnet 2 – Stage schedules and stat tracking is back.

Donnie July 6, 201710:18 am

Nintendo Switch online app shown, allows for players to join up and voice chat.

Donnie July 6, 201710:19 am

Amiibo now have exclusive gear & can save loadouts for quick swapping.

Donnie July 6, 201710:21 am

Single player mode showing a lot of similar level design to the first campaign.

Donnie July 6, 201710:22 am

DLC/Updates should be expected for up to a year. With more gear, stages, and Splatfests (2 years of Splatfests)

Donnie July 6, 201710:23 am

DLC/Updates should be expected for up to a year. With more gear, stages, and Splatfests (2 years of Splatfests). Can now play with your own team during Splatfests.

Donnie July 6, 201710:27 am

free Splatfest before the game releases.