Time for my delayed rant for this week (and last week): I’ve held off a little because every time I was ready to talk about this, something else would pop up, adding to my “salty rage,” as Jason so eloquently puts it.

Nintendo needs to show us the NX –  like, RIGHT. NOW.  Hell, it should have been a month ago. As more and more “leaks” are coming out around this, Nintendo has been silent the entire time – from speculation regarding what it is, what it looks like, how it functions, and the games listed to launch with it and/or within the first year. At this point, whatever plans Nintendo had in trying to “control the media” on the message behind what the NX is, is LONG gone.

So, we have seen everything from detailed images on form factor to scribbles on a cocktail napkin. As pictured here:LetsPlayVideoGames mockup

Most of them are all pretty similar, at this point, with minor differences in analog stick layouts, controller format, etc.  With so many people reporting on it from different angles, I think it’s pretty safe to assume the end product will look something like what we have seen. We’ve also heard it’s going back to cartridge, similar to what the 3DS uses, through some patent leaks and trademarks.

We’ve also been provided with a list of games that are launching with or within the release window for the console as well. OK, I’m pretty sure all of these are legit, as well with some minor details that probably need to be clarified. Nintendo has also publicly stated that whatever this console is, is not a replacement for the Wii U. That’s interesting, because the only major releases left for the console are Paper Mario Color Splash and Legend of Zelda (which is launching for this new console, as well)…everything else coming consists of 3rd party shovelware and indie titles that, for the most part, can already be played on other consoles or PC.  That sounds pretty dead to me (and anyone else with common sense). They also announced a Nintendo Direct for Thursday and explicitly said in it, “WE WILL NOT DISCUSS NX.”

So, here is Nintendo’s problem: STOP BEING STUPID, AND TALK ABOUT NX. Your initial plan of not bringing it up at E3 was so that you could control the cycle and reporting; you didn’t want to be overshadowed by the others and wanted the spotlight on you. That’s understandable and I don’t blame you. However, that was back in June. Strong rumors suggest that they will unveil the NX sometime in September. Well, Sony has a press conference coming up, too, so you screwed the pooch on that again, Nintendo.  Because you have chosen to sit it out, all of these leaks are coming to the surface, leaving you with nothing to talk about when you do finally pull the curtain back.  We will all be thinking, “Oh, OK… we already heard about this. Thanks for confirming what I knew back in July, Nintendo.” and “Oh, look  – you’re announcing Animal Crossing and Pikmin…cool, but I already knew that, too.”  Now, you might say, “BUT Kevin, what if these rumors are not true???”  OK, I can see that happening as well.  Let’s say all of this is not true. Then, we will spend the entire time complaining that it’s not as good as we thought it was going to be: “Oh man, it’s not a portable?!?”  We can see that happening, too. What if they announce it and make no mention of Pokemon? The internet will explode: “I THOUGHT I WAS FINALLY GETTING POKEMON ON A CONSOLE! IT’S BEEN 20 YEARS! WTF???!” …and so on.

The smartest thing for them to do is come out now, and not let the tension and excitement build up more with these leaks. Set expectations now, so that this doesn’t get worse. You have said you want to make sure the messaging is clear this time around, and that you have the games to support a launch. That’s great. I agree 100% with what you are wanting to do. But with leaks being reported by literally EVERYONE on an almost daily basis, you are losing focus before you even get started.

I have been a Nintendo fan my entire life, and I want them to win so badly with this launch. I want it to be great-  an event, a spectacle…but the longer they stay silent, the more concerned they are making their audience. Nintendo, you need to win over more gamers to stay competitive, while being careful not to leave your core behind in the process. We want to believe! Stop letting us down and show us the NX!

Since we here at Playsomevideogames.com shouldn’t be left out of the rumor mill, we have it here first: Sources confirm, Mario NX will be coming…

Mario NX