Alright Gang.

As Donnie’s last quick post stated, Emily Rogers said we might see some NX news very soon and has just released the following article revealing possible details on the NX.  I know we are all extremely hungry for anything factual on Nintendo’s new baby.  So let’s take a look at what we have here.

Let me hit up the major points with you first.

  • NX will be a portable, handheld console with detachable controllers (multiple sources have confirmed to Eurogamer)
  • Will function as a high-powered handheld with its own display, but bookended by two controllers sections
  • System connects to some sort of docking station to play games on your television/display
  • Running on Nvidia’s Tegra mobile processor
  • Will use game cartridges
  • No plans for backwards compatibility
  • Official reveal coming in September possibly
  • Nintendo – “unable to comment on various rumors and speculations circulating”

So can this be more of the rumor mill swirling?  We are starting to see numerous statements about this being a “mobile console.”  If you think about it, based on Nintendo’s success, it makes sense as a business model.  Nintendo knows and has succeeded in the portable market.  While the processor is indeed powerful, it should be interesting to see just what type of graphical fidelity we see from this device?  For an idea of some current devices running this chip, look to the Shield Android TV console and the Google Pixel C tablet.

This also breaks the rumor and trend of Nintendo working with AMD to create their console chip.  If the NX is truly mobile, we will not see it competing and/or surpassing the current powerhouses of Xbox and PS4 in terms of graphics.  Nintendo looks to be “different” yet again, but sacrificing performance for this form of portability, if true.

I’m not really sure what to personally make from all of this.  If done well, it can be great, but we can say that for just about anything.  At this point, my advice is to grab a nice beverage, sit back, and await further news and hope we get the official reveal in some form very soon.

What do you guys think?  Sound off in the comments!