Who doesn’t like playing video games with friends? That’s right, NOBODY!

Considering that Nintendo has brought all of these lovely multiplayer focused Nintendo Switch games during launch, we wanted to schedule some time to partake in the fun with our friends. Thus, please allow us to invite you to PSVG’s Nintendo Shack Game Night.

It’s simple – This Saturday night, beginning around 8:00 PM Eastern, team PSVG will be online playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and we want you to join in the fun.

Nintendo Shack is our online racing lobby. This room is focused on standard Mario Kart tournament racing at 150cc of chaos!

Code: 4406-9923-1787

The PSVG Battle Room is for players looking for more combat & explosions and less driving in circles.

Code: 2636-6604-8555


How to stay up to date and in touch with everything we’re planning to play this weekend? Well if you didn’t see us on Twitter yet, definitely join our discord server so you can chat (and voice-chat) with us as we hop from game to game, lobby to lobby!