Inside, the new Xbox One console exclusive (also available on Windows 10) goes live tomorrow for Xbox users everywhere and according to the major outlets is worth your time and money. Inside is the latest from Playdead, the hit indie developer known for smash hit Limbo. I know I (Donnie) can’t wait to get my hands on the game tomorrow as I’m sure the same can be said for Mo and Q. We hope to have PSVG’s review of Inside soon. Inside is raking in the praise across the internet from most major outlets;

IGN – 10 out of 10.  IGN Full Review

Inside very clearly builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater. Its unimaginable twist may leave you dumbfounded, confused, and quite possibly speechless, but it will fuel heated discussion with your friends about its meaning, its message, and its intentions. It’s a short ride, but one I felt compelled to take again – including a search for its mysterious hidden orb collectibles. Play it soon before anyone spoils a single big moment for you. ~ Ryan McCaffrey


Polygon – 9.5 out of 10.  Polygon’s Full Review

By every conceivable metric, Inside improves on the groundwork laid by Limbo. It deftly balances its elements. It could so easily have been too dark, too funny, too preachy — but it always stops just shy of going too far in any of those directions. At a glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that it hews a little too close to its predecessor. But Inside achieves something that Limbo didn’t: It actually lives up to its opening moments, delivering astounding setpieces and an unforgettable final sequence. ~ Nick Robinson


Giant Bomb – 5 stars out of 5.   Giant Bomb’s Full Review

Playdead’s followup to Limbo expands on and improves all of that game’s ideas so thoroughly, there’s no question why it took six years to get here.

Inside expands on the concepts and scope of its predecessor in wildly creative ways, and it’s so immaculately designed and constructed from top to bottom that it almost feels suitable for display in an art museum. This is one hell of a followup. ~ Brad Shoemaker


GameSpot – 8 out of 10.  GameSpot Full Review

This is a beautiful, haunting, and memorable game, a worthy follow-up to Limbo. Its puzzles, although rarely difficult, are engaging complements to the story. The real achievement of this game, though, is the way that it crafts its narrative: detailed environments convey the bizarre world that you travel through; introspective moments are filled with minimalist sound design and just the barest touches of music; and the things you must do to complete your journey force you to confront the realities of humanity, freedom, and existence. ~ Alex Newhouse


Time – 5 stars out of 5. Time Full Review

But now I’ve wandered into interpretive muddling, when what makes Inside interesting isn’t its dim woodlands, creepy factories, moody bunkers or underwater mysteries, but the craftsmanship of its puzzles and platforming challenges. This now feels like where Limbo was headed all along. I’m just grateful Playdead has been afforded the chance to bring us there.~ Matt Peckham