Let’s start this off with this point, if you own a Playstation 4 and have not played Infamous: Second Son….there is seriously something wrong with your brain. That game is EASILY one of the best games the console has to offer, great visuals, great story, great gameplay and really uses all the functions the PS4 had to offer with using the controller as a spray can, using the ambient light on the controller. It was a fantastic fun game that anyone could enjoy.

This game is no different, Infamous: First Light is a prequel side story from one of your companions from Second Son named Fetch. Fetch has numerous abilities focused around using Neon. This game is a bite sized version of Second Son in everyway with a shorter story, simplified upgrade system, less collectibles, but keeps the fun factor and controls and graphics that we came to expect from Second Son. It still contains a variety of missions to keep you occupied, whether it’s stopping crime, collecting power-ups, spray painting graffiti it’s got all of that. Voice acting is still top notch as all characters are believable in their roles and the story really sets you up to understand why Fetch was such a damaged person when you met her in Second Son.

What is new is the Arena missions, which put you in a simulator taking on waves of enemies with different abilities and difficulty levels that will help you level up and gain experience quicker. Some of this is utilized in the actual story-line but more modes are unlocked as you play through for some extra content.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, the only semi-negative comment I have around it was the length. I know this was DLC and is extremely cheap when you snag it on sale but I was able to beat the story and pretty much all of the side stuff in around 5 hours (not counting Arena). But I had a blast doing it, I really want them to make a game for The Flash now because this game basically plays as you would imagine a great Flash game to play out. Fingers crossed on that one!

Have you played first light? What did you think about it, tell us in the comments below!




Donnie says

With First Light, you get to experience all of gameplay that makes inFamous: Second Son an exceptional game without the storyline that dragged it down.¬†On episode #31 of our podcast, I claimed inFamous: First Light as one of my favorite PS+ games of all time. I hope you got the opportunity to add it to your library, but even if you missed it this one’s worth your hard earned cash!