After a few years of silence in the NCAA gaming front and the outcry of fans hoping for the beloved franchise to make a triumph return to the end zone, I have a few ways that the franchise could make a return. After playing some video games (nailed it) with friends, the thought crossed my mind and I wanted to share it with you my favorite peoples on the internet.

1.       Back-Compat (trademark of PSVG as we coined it yo!) = Sending the game on the back compat train would be awesome. I mean, if we grabbed our copy of NCAA 2014, loaded it up on our Xbox one, and dived into our old seasons and the dynasty’s we built helping those college teams to greatness would be the best feeling ever. The only hold up is that pesky law suit and the fine print that is keeping the game in video game limbo. Are there work arounds to this silly legal mumbo jumbo, who knows?

2.       Recent grad bash= Ok so with those lawsuits keeping us down still and not being able to work around it so we are on to plan B. What if they made it a senior bowl for the ages in the next madden game. Seriously. Each college team has between 20-40 (I’m being super generous on this and including the Juniors as well) You make a Senior bowl game that can be played with those incoming players, adding the college feel. It could be a separate game mode or even a spin off for the franchise mode. Best part with all of those players you could have a series of bowl games in this and be able to get that college feel. Same rules, same fun.

3.       Delayed Teams= Take the previous 4 years’ worth of graduating upperclassmen, get them and the colleges signed off, and let’s go. Yeah it wouldn’t be the same but you would have names and the game we all miss. You would have real names of players you know and loved who used to play for your favorite college. It would give all these players a chance to get a paycheck the same way the NFL players do for their likeness and then you can just recruit created incoming freshman. Also, allowing imported rosters like would be able to give us the downloads of real college teams we want anyways. 

Are any of these real options? I have no idea. But as someone who loves the franchise and wants nothing more than for it to come back to the mainstream and to be an annual release again. If you are a football fan but enjoyed the NCAA game play more than Madden I would suggest giving the Madden franchise another try if you want to scratch that itch. The last two installments (Madden 15 and Madden 16) were far better than its predecessors in many ways from game play to in game cut scenes. Now It’s time for me to sit and watch that hype train in me roar in anticipation for Madden 17 news in the next coming weeks.

 Thank you for your time heroes, and I hope this helps you want to Play Some Video Games. Coach out.