Folks seem to like Horizon Zero Dawn (I know I do) and the desire for more content and information about the game has kept up post launch. One piece of content I was not expecting to see though, was a documentary about the development of the game. Thanks to the folks at VPRO Backlight, we have such a film and it even aired on Dutch public television back in April. When I was young, there is almost no way I could have seen this production. Today we have the internet, so it is easily available, but the big question is: is it worth the 47-minute watch? Mostly.

Why mostly? There less in-depth coverage of Horizon’s development than I expected. The documentary seems to focus more on players, the industry as a whole, and the potential future of the medium. There are some good tidbits about Horizon’s development, but the scope of the documentary seems lessĀ Double Fine Adventure (which is long but excellent and I highly recommend) and more “welcome to the world of video games” for folks who are not part of the community. In retrospect, it makes sense (it aired on public television) but I went in with the wrong expectations.

The entire documentary is below (if it sounds appealing), but be sure to turn on closed captioning as not all of it is in English. If you watch it let me know what you think in the comments below!