HoPiKo by Laser Dog is a fast & fun  speed-run platformer that will raise your adrenaline!  With some very addicting chip-tune music, think Mega Man soundtrack-style, which I affectionately call Bitcore (not a thing). The music in the game really motivated me to move through these stages as fast as possible.

Let’s start with the story. HoPiKo kicks off its story with children playing on what could best be described as an original Xbox console. They are having a blast until all of the sudden their systems gets a virus! Don’t worry, it’s not of the Red Ring variety, but It is not your job as the hero/antibody to cure the system of the virus. That’s pretty much it, nothing too complex, but it works.

During my last review for PSVG, I mentioned how difficult yet fun Castles was. HoPiKo falls within that same description. You will die a lot as you play this game and those not interested in learning from failure will become frustrated. Each level consists of 5 stages. If you die on stage 4 or 5, it’s all the way back to the beginning. This very akin to a Super Meat Boy but in HoPiKo, instead of meat grinders you are avoiding viruses.

HoPiKo’s level design is great. At first I wished there was more variety within the levels, but eventually you will encounter a stage that dramatically changes the color scheme, add’s new challenging enemies and makes you second guess each decision you are about to make.

The control scheme is very simple, and that works in HoPiKo’s favor. While you have to take in all these new challenges, you need something that works on reflex and muscle memory. HoPiKo uses just two main buttons. Your right analog stick and either the RB Bumper or the A button. Essentially what you are doing is propelling your character with the right analog stick. Sometimes you will enter a launcher, similar to the barrel’s in Donkey Kong Country, where you will rocket yourself out with the RB bumper trying to avoid the deadly obstacles.

If the fast music doesn’t light a fire under your ass, you can look in the top right corner of the screen to see a timer counting up. This should give you the motivation to speed through these levels if you are as competitive as I am and looking for an extra challenge. I found myself replaying stages just to try and destroy my previous times as I felt I was looking a the level too much and not focusing on speed.

HoPiKo unlocks content as you gradually make progress. Whether it be Laser shooting viruses or platforms leading you into death inducing walls and platforms, HoPiKo will keep you on your toes. In addition to new challenges, new music (which was my favorite part), unlocks as you progress as well. It’s pretty fantastic and it basically sets the rhythm for how you should be going through each level…  Fast and daring.

Check out the music in the link directly below this!

There is a lot of content and strong replay-ability to be found here with HoPiKo. I already can envision going back and playing these levels over and over in attempt to beat my previous times.

HoPiKo is a great example of why we need to be paying closer attention to Indie Games out there.I know a lot of people can and do argue that we are being bombarded weekly with too many indie games, but HoPiKo is truly a gem! Get out there and try it!

Final Score