With Nintendo rumored to be officially unveiling their next hardware sometime in the near future (September 2016), details of the code-named NX system may be leaking.

Video game blog “Lets Play Video Games” (no relation) published a post titled ‘Report: NX to Feature PS4 -style Split D-Pad and Share Button’

According to anonymous sources that have contacted Let’s Play Video Games following the previous report, we have learned that not only does the current NX development hardware feature a split D-Pad, unlike the solid pads Nintendo typically uses, but that the system also features a share button similar to that on the PS4.

The share button, denoted by a small icon of a camera, will apparently allow the upload of still images and video directly to Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It will also be possible to save images or video to external memory devices for easier transfer to PC. Source


Emily Rogers, a favorite PSVG Twitter follow also chimed in on the latest rumor;

NX Rumors 8.30.16


Nintendo Life also chimed in on the latest NX rumor with the following;

We’ve followed up with some sources of our own regarding this topic and, though they did not reiterate details around streaming and uploading content, did suggest that this Share / Social button is indeed a feature, also supporting claims around its placement at the opposite side of the HOME button. We’ve also heard that there are multiple sources around the split D-Pad on development units. Source

What do you think about the latest Nintendo NX rumor? Does this improve the odds of you picking up the new product?