Herald, a game we are currently in the process of reviewing so stay tuned for that, this one shouldn’t be missed and so far has gotten pretty positive reviews, is on sale for the weekend!

In short, Herald plays as a mix between a point-and-click adventure and a visual novel; a game in which your choices influence the story, with a ‘period drama-esque’ setting inspired by the 19th century. The game features a diverse cast of 13 fully voiced characters and 3000+ lines of dialogue.

The Story
In Herald you are Devan Rensburg, a man of mixed heritage living in an alternate 1857, a world divided by race, class and culture.

In search of your roots, you booked passage on board of the HLV Herald, a ‘Protectorian’ ship set for the Eastern Colonies.During your voyage, news of colonial unrest create tensions between the crew and passengers.

Months later you alone are dragged ashore. No ship, no crew. All that remains is you, your journal and a captain’s coat you were wearing. A mysterious woman is holding you captive and demands you tell her what happened to ‘your’ ship. What you tell her, is your choice.

Key Features

  • A branching narrative that changes depending on how you decide to play.
  • A mix between 3D point&click and 2D visual novel gameplay with animated portraits.
  • A multicultural cast of characters who might become your best friends or worst enemies.
  • Set in an alternate 1857 in which the West is united as a global superpower, the Protectorate.
  • A gripping tale about finding your place in a world divided by race, class and culture.
  • Full English voice acting by a cast of 13 talented voice actors. (3000+ lines!)
  • Artistic motivation

Herald offers an intriguing take on our colonial history, and aims to serve as a reflection on the diverse modern societies that are its product. Considering the current political climate, we decided to tell a tale about the consequences of colonialism for ordinary people and make players think about the part that they choose to play, both in- and outside of the game. You can pick it up for 20% off currently on GOG.com. Check out the trailer below!