I began my adventure early thanks to being a member of EA Access. If you aren’t a member yet, you should be. The value you get for just $30 a year is astounding. The only downside is that it’s only on Xbox. Anyway, that’s not what I am here to talk about.

As soon as you boot up Battlefield 1 you get thrown right into the fray. No main menu, no multiplayer nonsense, just a brief history lesson and a chilling and challenging statement.

“You are not expected to survive”

When I read that I took it as a challenge. I tried my best, but resistance was futile. Those damn Flamethrowers! Battlefield throws you right into the middle of “it”. “It” being one of the most brutal wars ever fought. What Battlefield does here is pretty great. You are getting some education and some real gosh darn excitement. Pardon my language. Maybe it was just me but I really go the sense  that I was playing on a chess board. You get into the fray, and eventually die. Just as they show your birth and death year the screen lifts you up with a sort of birds eye view of the battlefield and just as quickly you are now a different soldier with a different view of the fight. It’s pretty exhilarating!

Now knowing that you are supposed to die, the stress has been removed a little bit and you can enjoy what you are experiencing. I wont get into any more of the intro as to not take away your time with it. After the intro you get to your main hub if you will. This is almost exactly like the Star Wars Battlefront hub for anyone who is familiar with that. You can get into your multiplayer, featured content, campaign, etc. I am only covering Story in this article, and just enough to whet your appetite.

You start as a first time tank operator. The story does a great job at getting you as nervous about the mission as this character must feel. After some stunning CG you are thrown right into the drivers seat of one of the first tanks to be used in warfare by the united states. Controls are pretty solid, and the level details are amazing.

Just looking at the first village you enter is astounding. Battlefield does a phenomenal job in regards to enveloping you in the environment. One of my biggest complaints I have had about previous iterations of the Battlefield series has been the controls, and they seem to have fixed that aspect as far as I am concerned. Vehicle controls are tight and firing weapons seems to be much more fluid.

After some time in the tank I was itching to get on my feet and do some exploring. When that opportunity arose, I was already missing the inside of my safe tank. Once again, and maybe even more impressive than in the tank, Battlefield delivers on the visuals. With more of the world visible outside of the tank, the landscape just kind of opens up to you. I already found myself scavenging for hidden items to find and new guns to try.

Even on normal difficulty I found Battlefield to be relatively challenging. I was dying enough to even have to change my approach to certain situations, which I think is excellent. Its a nice change to the normal boring and easy shooters of the past.

I’m not going to get into the story and further only because I want you to get out there, pick up this game, and get into it yourself. All signs point to this campaign being long and incredibly enjoyable. This is definitely not a tacked on story mode like you see in so many shooters out there. EA put a lot of work into this and it shows.

I’m going to leave you with one image and a quote. Thanks for your attention. If you pick up Battlefield, let me know in the comments what your impressions are of the game.


“I’m a leaf on the wind…watch how I soar” – Wash