Count me in the skeptical camp, but rumors that the Far Cry franchise is headed to the wild west of the 19th Century, and could release this fall, have me excited.

The rumors are sprouting from a couple of sources. The Great Falls Tribune published a story last week about a film crew at an old church in Montana that was working on a live-action trailer for the sequel to “an existing global franchise” that was to be set in a fictional wild west-like world that would be released this fall. The natural inclination is to think Red Dead Redemption 2, which is supposedly due this year.

But Nerdbite took the rumor to the next step, as it looked into producer Jeff Guillot’s past work. Guillot was quoted in the newspaper’s story, and he has ties to working on past Ubisoft franchises. Far Cry, of course, is developed and published by Ubisoft. He states in the newspaper story that the game is set to be released in September.

Rounding out the rumor was a 2015 survey from Ubisoft that asked Far Cry 4 players where they would like to explore in a future game. That survey included an option for a Spaghetti Western game set in 19th Century America.

Now, all of this supposed evidence is circumstantial at best. But I’m still excited for it. I’m a mark for a good western flavor in my entertainment — I love Firefly, and the first Red Dead Redemption is a top 3 game from the PS3 generation for me. I loved Gun and Darkwatch on PS2, and I’m extremely excited for the Dark Tower movie coming this August. I just like the setting and time period. The idea that there could be two large, open world western games — a largely underserved genre in gaming — is immensely exciting to me.

And, with just a few weeks until e3, it shouldn’t be long before we know the validity of this rumor.