Well it’s finally here. The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event. It looks like more Destiny, but a superbly polished Destiny,and quite honestly that’s the best thing we could have asked for. The 30 seconds of fun loop that Bungie seeks to create is one of the absolute best in gaming. There is something so satisfying about turning a corner and clearing out a room of enemies that Destiny was literally was the only game I played for about a year straight. Well enough gushing, let’s get to it guardian.


So as we already know you will be losing everything you had previously, but as it was previously speculated we will also lose our light. So what does that mean? Well first of all it means new supers and possibly subclasses. While they didn’t go into any detail on how long you are without your light or how you recapture it we do know you lose it and you will have new supers. On display they showed off the Dawnblade, Sentinel, and Arcstrider. They all look as if they belong to an existing subclass so no telling if we will get new ones. The Dawnblade is a solar super for the warlock in which they call forth a flaming sword and rain down solar flares upon their enemies. The Sentinel is the Titans best impression at being Captain America himself. As the Sentinel you summon a void shield that you can use to shield yourself, your fire-team, bash your enemies over the head or just chuck it at them like the aforementioned Captain America. I’m sure the Destiny Fun Police are going to have a blast with that one. Last but not least we have the Hunters Arcstrider super. Now this one to be honest is an odd choice as they already have a super that is very similar in the blade dancer. While the Arcstrider is much more acrobatic and agile, it essentially does the same thing, it even encompasses the same element.

Next up they have changed the way you handle your load-out. Gone are the Primary, Secondary, and Heavy slots, and in their place we have Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons. It was mentioned that you can have the same exact weapon in your Kinetic and Energy slots which can lead to some interesting play-styles. Do you ant to be up close and in your face and run dual shotguns (unless of course Shotguns are considered power weapons) I imagine that would be an option. There was also a void elemental pulse rifle shown, as well as a solar assault rifle so I can only assume that we will see elemental “primaries” again. As far as new weapon types there will be SMG’s and we also saw what looked to be a grenade launcher shotgun hybrid. While they didn’t talk about gear in any fashion, they did mention that there is all new gear. So from the lack of mention I assume that it will operate largely the same as it did in Destiny 1.

A Whole New World

There are 4 new (well the earth isn’t new but a new section) places we will travel to. First up on Earth you will travel to the European Dead Zone where I suppose you will meet the infamous Hawthorne who has been living outside of the protection of the tower in the wilds for some time now. Next we have Titan, a moon of Saturn where you will find Zavala stationed, Io a moon of Jupiter where Ikora has taken refuge, and lastly the planetoid Nessus that the Vex have turned into a stronghold where Cayde 6 is looking for trouble. Next up we have the new maps. No longer will you have to go to orbit and into the director to launch to another planet or activity. It can all be down right from wherever you are. The map will also have more icons on it, and not only will they tell you where things are but they will also tell you when they are happeining. The two new features to the map in addition the patrols and public events are adventures, and lost sectors. While adventures are side missions given to you by new NPC’s scattered throughout the world, the cooler of the two new features in my opinion are the Lost Sectors. In these dungeons you will find a treasure cache with a boss who has the key. From the looks of it these will be some of the cooler things to discover. I’m hoping for lore hounds like myself they will shed even more light on the mysteries of Destiny.

Extra Features

Outside of the normal things we were expecting, we got a few things we have been hoping for since Destiny 1. Finally they have brought clans into the game. Not only can you control your clans in-game, but there are also clan rewards. While they didn’t go into great details what the rewards are they will apply to every one in the clan. So no matter how much or how little you play you will always be helping your clan reach the next goal or milestone. In addition to bringing them into the game they have expanded upon the clans by creating a sort of matchmaking in what Bungie is calling guided games. With this feature they allow you to be a guide or a seeker. Weather you want to be a helping hand and Sherpa some people through a raid, you’re a solo player looking for some help, or you’re a clan just looking for that 6th, guided games will help you find what you are looking for.

The crucible has been changed to 4 vs 4 across all game modes. The HUD in the crucible has been updated to give you more information about your opponent. Do they have their super, have they just picked up power ammo? All of this has been added to your HUD to make it easier for anyone to jump into crucible and a bit harder to master. They have also added a new mode called countdown. Countdown serves as anĀ attack and defend mode where one team is trying to plant a bomb while the other team defends.

The biggest new feature has to be the inclusion of PC. No longer is the “Master Race” being left out in the cold. Not only is PC being included but it will be exclusively handled by Blizzard and Battle.net. The PC version of the game will run with an unlocked frame rate and will be able to support 4K resolutions, granted to have a rig capable of handling the load. Partnering with Blizzard is definitely a no brainer in my book as they have the longest running MMO on PC and a tried and true service with battle.net.

In closing I can not wait to hear more about Destiny 2. I love the direction they are going and what they have shown with this reveal. From the direction of the campaign, the new worlds, supers, addition of clans and guided games it looks like Bungie is headed on the right track. While there are some misses like the fact that it seems like on console it will only run at 30fps, and there is still exclusive content for the PS4 Destiny 2 is shaping up to be a sure-fire hit this fall. We should hear more at E3, as well as a beta this summer which I am eagerly awaiting, but until then keep it locked here and check us out on twitter @psvg for more Destiny news and information.