HEADS UP, GUARDIAN! (Spoilers Ahead)

99 hours into Destiny 2, here we are: the Emperor’s throne room. The exiled Calus sits upon his throne, drinking wine (let’s hope that purple crap is wine), and mocking the countless hours that our fireteam has endured to get here. Shooting off Calus’ gauntlet ignites the last trial of the Leviathan Raid. This is a trial that will test your friendships, leadership, compassion, and tactical ability. This is it. You’ve made it this far. Don’t choke…and pray that the multiple random elements of this trial don’t screw you over. After fighting off a wave of grunts and elites, Calus sends you and your comrades into the Shadow World. Only three can come back at that moment. The three that remain on the shadow world face multiple waves of sign call outs, tricky Psions, glowing Psions, glitch (seriously glitchy) game mechanics, and the willingness to rely on your teammates fighting in the throne room.

This raid will take everything from you and leave you exhausted. Your team will wipe and all you can do is look at the floor of your living room and…sigh. Surviving the Shadow World phase brings you to the boss damage phase. Congratulations! Time to unleash your team’s full arsenal of kinetic, primary, and power weapons. You will phase the Emperor as waves of ads surround you seeking your blood. The Light has brought you here. This is your fight Guardian!


Two hours into Calus wasn’t enough. Whether running out of revive tokens or small but critical mistakes, the trial punishes you for it. Sometimes it isn’t even your fault. You or your teammates will be pulled into Calus’ mouth for no apparent reason, except for the game’s desire to glitch out. If you watched through the two videos below, you will notice that our fireteam got really close one time…one heartbreaking time. However, the smallest mistake will ruin the try and force you and your brave comrades into a wipe (everyone kill themselves…we can’t beat him this time around).

Don’t be fooled by the game, you will need to be strong for this trial and the rest of the raid. Your ability to absorb and deal damage are game changers. Your ability to pick the best loadout for each circumstance will highlight your level skill. At times, you will wonder why the hell are you still playing this thing. But you must push ahead. The end looks so near.


It’s tough when you have the right amount of fire power (DPS), the right method (tactics), and the right team (personalities plus skill), and yet you fail. Calus remains unconquered in my Destiny 2 universe. His rewards for me remain locked away. However, once we defeat him (which won’t be easy), loot awaits. If anything, let’s hope that the loot beyond Calus wipes away the blood and tears of the journey there. After all, Destiny loot would never disappoint…right?