Destiny. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Well at the very least for another 7 years according to Bungies 10 year plan. Hot on the heels of the originals swan song event, The Age of Triumph which started today at 10am PST and goes through September, we finally have official confirmation of Destiny 2. Yesterday afternoon Bungie pretty much broke the internet by changing their official Destiny the Game twitter handle to Destiny 2, changing the background to a picture of what seems to be the last city in flames, and having a few more pics floating around the interwebs. Then they broke it again today with an amazing teaser trailer featuring the beloved Hunter Cayde-6. All leading up to the full reveal on March 30th. After Destiny 1 sort of falling flat especially in terms of its story, Destiny 2 already seems to be off to a better start. From the looks of the teaser the Cabal have indeed invaded Earth and have attacked the tower. Have they finally answered that distress beacon? Are they just sick of us killing all their leaders? Did Rasputin call them, or maybe the speaker is truly evil. There are tons of ideas and tin foil hat theories floating around in the ether, but the one thing I know for sure is that this better be awesome. Have any crazy theories? Have you hopped on board the hype train, or are you in that wait and see section. Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on the twitters @PSVG or @PSVG_PSIsland, and check back here for more impressions after the full reveal on March 30th!