Demon’s Crystal by StarCruiser Studio is described on xbox one as, “a frenetic twin stick shooter where you guide the Urican demons through countless hazards in order to restore peace to the world.” Now I don’t know about you but that is one of those cringe worthy moments for me as a gamer. Save the world? Urican? That’s a whole lot of build up for a game I have never hear of. But if there is one thing the past has taught me, its to not judge a book till you’ve read it, or at least tried to read it, or its been covered or something like that. So I dove in ready to have a character of demonic origin and to save the world.

You have your choice of 4 playable characters. 2 female and 2 male Demons each wearing a different colored outfit, but other than that they are just cover art and they don’t actually look very different in game except for the color. I jumped in and went to work with the first character available. World after world I conquered evil skeletons, ghouls, and the undead. I watched as cheeves popped and was getting into it. After my first boss fight I stopped to take a break. My wife who was sitting in the same room asked me if there was multiplayer and I responded, “I’m not sure.”

There is as we found out and we went through and played every game mode type in around 20 minutes. A few hits and some misses but all in all a pleasant experience.

As we dive into the bits and pieces of Demon’s Crystal I wanted to share my first experience with it because this game is an overall fun experience and though I didn’t love the game, I did enjoy my time with it. With that, lets break down Demon’s Crystal.

Single Player:

The single player campaign is not so much story based. Each level has a set of goals that you navigate. Kill this many bad guys, collect this many things, etc. Once you beat the objective, the game either stops and starts over for the next objective, or your demon springs to life and jumps off the level to the next one ending the round.

As you play, your character levels up allowing you to dispose of enemies faster and adds more power ups for use the farther you go in the game. On levell/world eight, my level 30 character made quick work, where as my level 5 had a bit of struggle. Also the amount of XP given per level is also changed by the level of your character, allowing your lower levels to play up and level up faster.

After completing the game I can say that the campaign on the lowest level was fairly easy and I was able to beat it quickly (less than 2 hours)

However, on the next difficulty I struggled mightily against it and it took me much longer to beat it (a lot of dying and 5 hours later it was conquered)

This game didn’t have the polish of a Resogun, but added  the multiple tiered goals for each world that actually made the game a lot more fun for me as I went on. When you pick up new power ups, different weapons types, and learn how to use them effectively, the strategy of the game jumps out at you and gives another layer of enjoyment for gamers.


The multiplayer has the following modes, I also added how many players are needed to play each mode.

Survival (2P-4P)
Crystal Quest (2P-4P)
Deathmatch (2P-4P)
Seize The Large Crystal (2P-4P)
Versus (3P – 4P) you can do Player 1+2 versus Player 3. Only 3 controllers required!
Kill The Enemies (2P-4P)


Best Mode: The Versus mode. Wife, friend vs your beloved Coach Mo. Did I win, no. Did I have fun, Yes. This mode allows for a little strategy, some fun level set ups, and had we had a 4th player more wins for myself.

Least Favorite moede: Crystal Quest. Yea it is what it sounds like and it was just not as much fun for me. Would have loved to see some added flair to this mode to make it more fun for groups.

This game gave me some really fun highs in the harder mode of single player and some couch co-op multiplayer fun. If you have the controllers, the friends to use the controllers, and are looking for a fun co-op experience I would highly recommend this game. As a game to be played solo, if you enjoyed Resogun, We are Doomed, and Game Corp; then again I would highly recommend it to you. With a variety of weapons/power ups to use, massive waves of demonic bad guys, this combination of twin stick shooter and survival horde mode is a blast. If you are a fan of games like 8 days, How to Survive, and Tokyo 42 I would tell you to maybe steer clear of this particular title on less you can get a steal of a deal.

I hope you enjoyed what you read and that this review helped you to decide to shoot some badies in Demon’s Crystals.

Demon's Crystals

Demon's Crystals

Overall Score



  • Versus Mode provides great couch co-op
  • Variety of game modes for single & multiplayer


  • Lacks the polish of higher-acclaimed twin stick shooters