We at PSVG are always amazed at the talented young gamers who have been able find both fun and success by streaming their game-play.  In some cases, young gamers (EthanGamerTV, anyone?) have gained over one million subscribers on YouTube in a few short years of streaming.

Two up-and-coming gamers who are bound for success are sisters Meghan Elizabeth (12) and Meagan Ansley (13) of Kennesaw, Georgia.  Their Minecraft creations (examples pictured below) have already begun to generate buzz among friends and family, who report that they enjoy playing Mario Kart, Roblox, Sims, and Game Dev Story, as well. Meghan and Meagan have high hopes of streaming their game-play in the future.

But wait….there’s more! We heard that fellow gamer and YouTuber Meghan Elizabeth is celebrating her 12th birthday! So, we at PSVG have posted a special demo course of a game we think she will love: Super Mario Maker.  Meghan, check it out! We think once you dive in, you’ll be able to build some great levels and post them to YouTube for us to see.  After watching, hit us up to let us know what you think!

Happy Birthday from the PSVG team!