Hello friends. I hope you have been well. I am very well actually and that is in fact what inspired this late night blog post. This is not one of my normal posts where it is written and rewritten, edited by a group of friends before publishing. This is just me telling you how I feel without the second thought of fear, my greatest aid when I write. I just played something I have never played before.


Now for those of you who don’t know me, I play everything, Yea really, I do. Ask the PSVG crew, my wife, my students, and they will all tell you that Coach plays it all. I love games in all shapes, sizes, and forms. I have every console system and accessory. I have written of the cool things I have been able to do since I got the chance to write here and I just played a game unlike anything I have ever done. I just played Late Shift, which is a movie that allows you to make choices.


Not like a Walking dead cartoon and its broken engine. This was a movie. I just played a movie, and interacted with it. Made choices, like running from a man with a gun. Then restarted and choice to listen to him. And the movie had to different outcomes from that. Even better their are 7 different endings to this movie game of awesomeness that I just cant wait to play! I had no idea this movie game was a thing, I bought it on a whim cause it popped up in the game store and after suffering a tough loss in Battleborn, and it popped up as downloaded.


So I said, lets try it. 2 hours later I had replayed the game twice, got two different endings and am writing this to you. I am infatuated to the point where I want to stay up all night and just play this game. I didn’t care about the cheeves (that’s saying something for me) I just wanted to say what path my story would take. My wife walked by the second play through, stopped, sat on the floor and watched it with me almost start to finish.


The acting was great, cinematography was beautiful, and it ran so smooth. I didn’t see a bunch of choppy cut film taking you from one choice to the other. This is such a great feeling and I just had to share it with you all. If you get it, let me know. I cant wait to talk about this with someone else. Ok that’s it for now family and I hope to hear back from you about your experiences as well.