I just finished the last level of BoxBoy! for Nintendo 3DS and I had to come tell you just how much fun I’ve had playing this game. BoxBoy! is the latest entry level platformer from Nintendo that requires the player to navigate a series of short levels across 20 worlds. This game is a throwback to those of us that remember being taught how to play a game by actually playing it. If you’re one of those that love how Mario Bros world 1-1 was the tutorial, you’re in for a treat with BoxBoy!. BoxBoy! builds on its mechanics at a coffee-drip pace level by level, world after world, adding a new little twist to each game-play mechanic. The game also features a very simple monochromatic art style that is quite charming to the eye. The player can earn costumes to style his or her Box to look like a superhero, a cute bow wearing BoxGirl, or a rapper which give the BoxBoy a cool backwards hat.

As for the almighty game-play expect to begin by creating blocks to create stairs, platforms to walk across, using the platforms to pull yourself up, blocks to block lasers and then combinations of all of these to navigate as you make your trek. These mechanics are simple when introduced but over time the great minds from HAL Laboratories twist the levels to wreck your brain. While a challenge, don’t be afraid to try this puzzler. BoxBoy! is one of Nintendo’s better games at using the 3DS play coins which you earn daily by carrying your 3DS with you. Each of these coins can be used to obtain a hint in the form of a subtle screenshot when you face a puzzle that you can’t finish or just don’t want to put in the brain effort.

This charming big company (Nintendo) indie-like is great to pair with your favorite weekly TV show due to the 1 to 2 minutes spent between each level. Each world consists of 8 levels and BoxBoy! has 20 worlds to offer and that’s not including the challenge of obtaining 100% on each level as well as the very daunting challenge mode awaiting for you after completing the main campaign.

If there’s anything negative to say about BoxBoy! it would be the difficulty and the repetitiveness found during the campaign. The opening worlds in BoxBoy! are a breeze to fly through without much resistance which makes some feel like fluff. Once the game begins to pick up the difficulty I found that the levels became more similar as the game progressed in the later half, but that shouldn’t be confused with easier. These items I would classify as “nitpicky” and shouldn’t stop you from buying BoxBoy! in any circumstance.

BoxBoy - Fun Squared

BoyBoy Review

BoxBoy doesn’t set the world on fire, but it might be the best game ever that sold at launch for $4.99. The puzzle platformer provides a challenge with an interesting aesthetic and plenty of game to warrant the purchase. Must have for 3DS owners.