What?! A new podcast from PSVG? Check out the first episode of Board with Video Games, a podcast covering the games we play on the table and the TV.

Josh and Kyle welcome you to the new podcast and cover the expected format and goals of the show.

In the video game portion, Josh talks a bit more about his experiences with Destiny 2 and jumping into Iron Banner while Kyle encourages everyone to play Hob. For the VG Topic, they discuss what is on their Fall playlist.

In the board game portion, Josh creates stained glass in Sagrada while Kyle is herding cattle from Texas to Kansas City in Great Western Trail. For the BG Topic, they discuss how they got into hobby board games.

Send your questions, topics for the show, and feedback to Board With Video Games on Twitter and Instagram @BoardwithVG and use the hashtag #boardwithVG to help stay connected and grow the community. We do this for all of you, so help us to build a great group of gamers who play on the table and TV!