Today marks the two-year anniversary of Bayonetta 2 hitting Wii U’s in Japan. Bayonetta 2’s Director Yusuke Hashimoto took to the Platinum Games blog to discuss the best way to commemorate the anniversary – by teasing the long awaited Bayonetta amiibo. This marks the first look at the amiibo since they were revealed during the November & December months of 2015.

Just a sneak peek for now.

Just a sneak peak for now.

I’m afraid that this little taste is all I can give you right now, since we’re still working hard to get her just right. But I assure you that we’re going to capture everything you know and love about Bayonetta – every detail down to the exact sizes of her glasses and eyes – and bring you an amiibo that’ll meet your every expectation. ~ Hashimoto

Director Hashimoto also includes some nifty secrets not found in strategy guides in the form of a secret shops, accessories and hidden weapons. For the full read and all the Bayonetta 2 details, click the source link below. Have you given up on amiibo or are you still looking for a few more? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Platinum Games Blog