First let me preface this by saying I am a massive Batman fan, so realistically, even if this game sucked horribly, I probably still would have been happy to play it. But fortunately for all of us, this game did not in fact suck at all!

Easily one of if not my favorite game of last year Batman: Arkham Knight is the final chapter in the series, previous installments were Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and yes I will include Arkham Origins (which wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be, with the exception of the Bane fight). If you didn’t play at least Arkham City you might be very lost in what I think it quite possibly the games strongest draw, its story.

The Story

You can tell that the staff at Rocksteady cared enough to keep this game true to many of Batman’s storylines. It’s hard to talk at great length about this game and not spoil the story, but I will stay away from anything that might ruin your experience. There are tons of characters present in this game including some very deep pulls in the batman lore that unless you follow the comics you have no clue who they are. The biggest mystery of course early on is who the Arkham Knight is. Batman is definitely not alone this time either (even though he clearly prefers it) Catwoman, Nightwing, Oracle, Red Robin, Lucius Fox, and of Commissioner Gordon and Alfred are there as well to assist the Dark Knight, all playing major roles in the story. Even the DLC gave more into the story as to what happens before, during, and after the main story, but more about that later. While not as gripping or emotional as the story telling in the Last of Us for instance, this is definitely up there as far as having a complete and interesting story in video games that true fans can really appreciate.

Batman AN


I played this game on the PlayStation 4, controls were tight and fluid and I didn’t have any issues of lag or non-responsive controls. With that out of the way, the controls are still very similar to all of the other Arkham games and feels very familiar. The one exception would be the inclusion of tag team fighting, while not used a ton in the game it is very fun to switch back and forth between Batman and Nightwing while tearing up the Penguins Gang with some absolutely BRUTAL combo moves. Other partners used throughout the main game would be Catwoman and Red Robin. The other very cool addition was the Batmobile, when this game was first announced I was very skeptical on how this would all play out. Now while some of the Riddler Tracks drove me up the wall (literally) over all it was a welcome addition. To some players some of the side quests that need the Batmobile may get a little tedious but they didn’t bother me as I wanted to complete everything.


This game had touted having a ton of DLC content available to season pass members or you can of course play a la carte if preferred. While I haven’t played all of the DLC I did play most of the story based DLC and opted to avoid the additional racing tracks/skins/challenge maps. I was very excited to play a level as Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Batwoman, Robin and Nightwing…..and was a little disappointed. These are VERY short missions 20-30 mins tops. To be honest the Harley, Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing missions should have been free. The Batwoman mission is longer with a bigger storyline so I didn’t mind that one as much. I would say play through the game and if you really enjoyed it check it out. If you are happy with the game as it is, save yourself a couple bucks or wait and see if they do a game of the year edition or something with all the DLC for a lower price.

Batman AN DLC

Rocksteady has stated this is the end of their Batman series but has hinted at working on another comic based title soon. Personally I hope it’s something like Arrow over something like Superman….there are many, many Superman Easter eggs throughout Arkham Knight though. But I think if they keep the same feel as the Batman games Arrow fits in perfectly and keep it based on the TV show world. With E3 coming up on us in June, I have a feeling we will at least hear something from them on what’s next for them. In the meantime I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, seriously though no superman, I hate him.

But let us know how YOU felt about Batman: Arkham Knight and let the discussion begin!