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Injustice 2 Review – PS4/Xbox One

Every now and then, a piece of entertainment sneaks up on you and surprises you in a good way. While it’s hard to argue that Injustice 2 has snuck up on anyone, I personally wasn’t expecting to jump into the game until the crew here at PSVG kept talking about their excitement for it. I’m typically terrible at fighting games, and my knowledge of superheroes basically starts and stops with movies and games — I’d never heard of Blue Beetle or Firestorm, or Gorilla Grodd, prior to this game. Thanks to others here at PSVG, and my enjoyment of...

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PSVG’s Top 25 Games for PS4

With the fourth anniversary of the PlayStation 4 approaching quickly, the PlayStation team here at PSVG decided to take a look at the best games available on the console. While the list is ranked, this is meant to be a good look at a great collection of games available. This list was completed in May 2017, and is meant as a snapshot of PSVG contributors’ favorite games currently available on PS4. As we continue to play games in the future, this list could change. We will revisit it at a later time. This version’s contributors are: Seth, Kyle, Kevin...

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Far Cry: Wild Wild West?

Count me in the skeptical camp, but rumors that the Far Cry franchise is headed to the wild west of the 19th Century, and could release this fall, have me excited. The rumors are sprouting from a couple of sources. The Great Falls Tribune published a story last week about a film crew at an old church in Montana that was working on a live-action trailer for the sequel to “an existing global franchise” that was to be set in a fictional wild west-like world that would be released this fall. The natural inclination is to think Red Dead Redemption 2, which...

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Marvel Heroes Omega Beta Impressions – PS4

As a member of the console crowd — and not of the so-called PC Master Race — I was utterly unaware of the existence of Marvel Heroes until the console iteration, Marvel Heroes Omega, was announced. The concept grabbed me immediately: Diablo gameplay with a large roster of Marvel characters, and an end-game that adds to the experience. You had me at “Diablo.” I usually don’t like to spend much time playing Betas if the progress won’t carry over into the main game, but I jumped in on the Marvel Heroes Omega beta on PS4 based purely on the...

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Mr. Shifty Review – Switch

Mr. Shifty is a game with a lot of potential that, at launch at least, is rendered nearly unplayable by performance issues on the Nintendo Switch. In a game that is fully reliant on having quick reflexes, and where one errant move can erase minutes of progress, these issues are unacceptable. During my playthrough, I died tens of times due to lag. The game slows to a stop when a weapon breaks; or when things explode; or when too many enemies are on screen. Mr. Shifty also crashed on me twice near the end of particularly difficult levels, causing...

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