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PSN Picks of the Week

It’s a relatively light week on the PSN, with no major physical releases. But that doesn’t mean there’s any lack of greatness that dropped this week. Take a look here at the full drop of games, via the PlayStation Blog. Here are a few of the most interesting games to drop this week: Superhot and Superhot VR A first-person shooter where time and enemies only move with you do. Superhot looks super stylish and brings a level of strategy to movement of an FPS. The VR edition is a totally different game from the core PS4 version, and is also...

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All Humans Safe – Nex Machina Review – PS4

The screen pulsates with pink neon lasers, flashes of light and gleaming skulls that chase after me, while I dash and dodge around, searching for humans and trying to stay alive. The latest title from Housemarque, Nex Machina is an amazing visual spectacle and the pinnacle of the twin-stick shooting genre, which the Finnish developer owns almost exclusively. (Graceful Explosion Machine on Switch notwithstanding.) The pace is frenetic from the moment your hero hops off his motorcycle and into the fray of attacking robotic spiders. Each of the six worlds is broken down into stages where the goal is...

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Review: ARMS for Nintendo Switch

It’s the third round of a tight match-up in ARMS. My Ribbon Girl’s life meter is dwindling away, dropping close to the 25-percent mark after my opponent — a particularly adept Kid Cobra — catches me with a throw. Ribbon Girl shakes it off and charges up her ARMS. She’s rocking two standard boxing gloves right now, one with the ice power and one with electricity. Jump. Air-dodge. Jump again. Let the electric glove fly, and it connects! She throws a paralyzed Kid Cobra to the ground, and now both competitors’ special meters are filled.     ARMS, the...

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E3 2017: (Insert Game of Show Here)

Lost among arguments about which multi-billion dollar company supposedly performed the best on the E3 stage is, sometimes, the sheer depth and variety of games that will be coming out in the next couple of years (or 10 years, ahem, Sony Japan). I can already see the eyes rolling — I see you, Eurogamer — but the real winner of E3 continues to be us, the gamers. Whatever kind of gamer you are, the chances are high that a few announcements from the conference spoke to you. Across the Internet, different sites will be awarding their “Game of E3”...

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E3 2017 Wrap Up: 5 Things I Loved From Ubisoft

Ubisoft as a publisher has really grown during the past two console generations, and has some of the most beloved franchises in gaming under its umbrella. Yet, many of their games don’t personally excite me or are often underwhelming. I went into this year’s conference with a skeptical mind, but I was blown away by some of the reveals, and enjoyed the conference as a whole. Here are five things that really stood out to me about Ubisoft’s E3 conference, in the order they were revealed. That Opening The first Rabbids game on the Wii was an early favorite...

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