Author: Q Herrera

HALO Revitalized: A Fanboy’s Perspective

In a world where gamers are blessed with a great number of options and alternatives to spend their time and money on, Halo can no longer assume the fans will tolerate stupidity. Halo has been great and can be great, so let’s get it done.

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UNRATED Episode 1: We Are Unrated

Hello everyone! Welcome to Unrated! Our hope is to provide a bi-monthly podcast show that addresses the latest and top stories on TV, Movies, and Video Gaming. Why Unrated? Because sometimes life demands strong reactions and commentary, and we want to have the freedom to express that. Yes: our shows may contain some explicit language. We don’t expect to go too far or to become a “cursing” podcast, but sometimes you need a damn good *bleep* in the middle of a statement to make it all sync. You know what I mean. Well, here is to the future and...

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Ghost Recon Wildlands – The Ultimate Review

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be one of the most underrated games of 2017, but offers the player one of the best MilSim experiences ever built in one of the most beautiful environments crafted in gaming. Whether you are a shooter or an explorer, an adventurer or an achievement/trophy hunter, the Wildlands offers a reward and exciting experience that must be enjoyed one province at a time. And yes, even though it is awesome to play solo, it is better with others.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Beta Impressions

Twelve hours later and having completed 99% of the beta content, I have put down my controller and taken off my headset feeling extremely satisfied. If the full GRW expands on its beta, then the gaming community can look forward to a rich and engaging open-world tactical shooter that will deliver exponential amounts of high-quality entertainment—playing with friends is recommended.

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Joyful Days Playing Betas-DOOM

There is something primal and rustic about Bethesda’s remaking of DOOM. From the moment the matches’ commencement to the very last kill, the feeling that you belong here and that you have been here before is inescapable. In every sense, DOOM’s beta delivers the incredible feeling of being transported to a simpler age, a time when first person shooters were bold and yet common—basic and yet unforgiving.

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JOYFUL DAYS PLAYING BETAS (1): BATTLEBORN A presentation before the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and four-star Army general. A presentation before foreign diplomats that I have been working for this semester. A ridiculous problem set for Microeconomics. Two to three applications for summer internship programs. The fragments of sentences above aren’t independent clauses, but a mind-dump of what my last week was like. I am exhausted. In the midst of the craziness that was the prior week of graduate school, I got the opportunity to play some video game open betas. Even though I have access to a great library of completed and well-produced games, I decided to play game betas, and it was awesome. In the midst of last week, I didn’t want routine. I didn’t want to jump into regular Halo 5 matchmaking to play some Breakout, Grifball, or Big Team Battle—even though I did do some of that anyway. I didn’t want to play The Division, a game I am beginning to have second thoughts about. In addition, I didn’t want to continue other games I am slowly making my way through, such as Pokemon Omega Ruby or Halo 2 Anniversary. What I did want was something fresh, something new that would break the mold of routine created by my schooling. Over the last few days I have had the great opportunity...

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