Author: Lucas Rose


It seems to me that nothing good ever comes from being in outer space. Whether you’re on a ship or a space station, some bad stuff is going to go down at some point. It could be aliens blasting first and asking questions later, it could be asteroids just shredding your hull to pieces, or maybe you just forgot to bring extra fuel and now you’re stranded. No matter what the issue, space is like one big bad luck charm. Things are no different in HOMEBOUND, a virtual reality title from Swedish studio Quixel. You fill the shoes (or...

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Old Time Hockey Review (PC)

A hockey game on the PC has been unheard of since the dark ages of 2009, when EA released their last NHL game for Windows computers. Since then, you either had to pony up for a console or cross your fingers and wait. Fast forward to 2017, where the puck shaped voids in our hearts are only growing larger as we wait for a hero to answer the call, and what do you know? An independent studio has decided enough was enough! It was time to pull the jersey over the heads of those “triple A” studio chumps and...

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Conan Exiles Impressions (PC)

I have a confession to make. I’m not that familiar with the Conan world. Yes, I’ve seen the movies at some point in my life, but I didn’t really ABSORB them. I probably should have but sometimes I can’t be bothered because of reasons. I’ve seen the comics, I know there are books, but Conan’s world is not something that I’ve ever been into. However, what I am into is video games. Someone had the idea to make a MMO Conan game, no not Age of Conan, I’m talking about Conan Exiles. Well, I thought it was an MMO...

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Wells Review (PC)

There was a time, mainly during the 80’s and 90’s, when all you had to worry about was running to the right of the screen and shooting anything that crossed your path. It worked for Contra. It worked for Gunstar Heroes. Heck, it worked so well for Mega Man that we needed about forty seven games and spin offs. Now, about thirty some years later, Wells, a game available on Steam and Xbox One, hopes to revive the formula of the “run and gun” one more time. This game comes to us from Tower Up Studios, a Brazilian studio...

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Maize Review (PC)

Corn. I like it. I like popcorn, steamed corn, corn on the cob with salt and butter. I even like corn muffins! But one question you must ask yourself when playing Maize is this: “Do I like sentient corn?”. After my play through of Maize, I can definitively say that yes, I do like sentient corn. I might even love it. Maize is a first person puzzle/adventure game that sees you, the player, waking up near a field of corn with no memory of anything before that very moment. How did I get here? Where is here? What were...

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Astervoid 2000 (PC/Steam)

There are two words that rarely get tied together in the same sentence when related to gaming. Those two words are “couch” and “co-op”. In a time long past, it was simply known as “two-player mode”. With the advent of the internet and online gaming, we were no longer relegated to huddling around a small screen in the dark like some kind of primitive cave men. Enter Mad Capacity studios, a developer looking to blast a photon bomb sized hole into the notion that couch co-op games are dead with their title Astervoid 2000. Astervoid 2000 takes inspiration from...

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Hide and Shriek – Impressions

Now here is something interesting, friends, a 1v1 scare competition to see who can frighten the other player more, while also scoring the most points. I’m talking about Hide and Shriek, available now on the Steam store for the low, low price of $5.99. Initially, viewing screenshots and gameplay videos give you an idea of what the gameplay might be like, but it doesn’t really convey that there is more to this game than you might think at first glance. Hide and Shriek tasks players to find color coded orbs (red or blue, depending on your randomly determined color), gaining points for cashing said orbs on your altar. The challenging part is that your altar moves from time to time, forcing you to move around the environment. Why does that matter? Well didn’t I mention? You’re invisible to each other! It may seem kind of confusing at first, but you cannot see your enemy and they cannot see you. However, interacting with doors and lockers or carrying orbs gives your opponent a clue as to your location. And once they find you? Look out, cause yer gonna get spooked! Setting up the game and challenging another is as easy as hosting and inviting someone from your Steam list to play with you, so getting into the game is a snap. Once you start the game you’ll notice a “rune...

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Syndrome Review (PC)

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures. You need look no further that my personal tastes in entertainment. I like horror. I like sci-fi. I like it when horror and sci-fi are splashed together in a delicious cocktail of blood and that weird, glowing blue liquid everyone seems to drink in space. However, when it comes to video games, I need a little more. I need the atmosphere, the spooky, creepy, scary stuff. But I also need the gameplay, the systems, the fun. I present you with Syndrome, a first-person horror/sci-fi game released on Steam, thrown into the mix with many other first-person horror games available on the platform. You play as Galen, a man who was cryogenically sleeping before all hell broke loose. Upon entering the game you wake from your deep freeze to discover that you have no idea what’s going on or why it’s happening. Soon enough you are contacted by some folks via radio, and before you know it you are on a grand tour of the spaceship. “We need you to go to deck 4 and restore power in the engine room. However, the engine room requires a passkey to get inside. You can find the key in the security office. However, the path to the security office is blocked. You’ll need to take the vent in the supply closet...

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